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  • Re composted chicken manure

    Please adv if composted chicken manure in retail packaging also has very strong smell ?
    The smell will last for how long ? Is there any way to kill the smell once applied on top of the soil ?

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    Yes even processed chiken manure has a strong goul smell on it.
    Try prosessed goat manure. It dont smell so nasty.
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    • pacifica
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      Hi Jonathan, I was told by some members saying that chicken manure is better than sheep, cow and steer manures for the fig tree.

    • Jonathan
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      Im not sure about that maybe its because the product i get here is diffrent from those you could get there? Mine are goat manure not sheep...

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    Yep, it smells. Not bad enough to be a problem outside unless you are using quite a bit. Indoors just cover it with some mix rather than just letting it sit right on top. It either helps or I got accustomed to the smell.

    I'm not working with straight chicken manure but plant-tone which has a healthy dose of manure.
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    • pacifica
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      Hi Don, would it be better to place chicken manure on top of the soil in a rainy day for my in ground fig tree to reduce possible strong smell?

    • don_sanders
      don_sanders commented
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      I'm not sure if it would make a difference or not. I'd put it under the mulch though. That should eliminate any odors.

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    Rabbit is likely better if you know anyone that has some.
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      Thanks Don & Scott


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        I've never used bagged processed manures, but properly composted manures do not have any bad odors...

        When composting is done aerobically (well aerated) it should smell and feel like rich humus. If it smells its not fully or properly composted.
        Good Luck.
        Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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          I bought two chicken manures (bagged) from the local nursery this morning and put them on my flower beds right after I returned home. Once I applied, I did smell any bad odors at all. It looks like a regular garden soil and not chicken manure. Anyway, I only put just a little for my fig trees being in ground and potted to see how it works.