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  • Fig wasps

    Look who visited me the evening. This is one of my frankenfig. I appears like they have finished pollinating my CCN and RGR . Now the waiting games about 2 more months at least
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    Los Angeles CA zone 10B
    Want list: campaniere Azores Dark

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    That’s exciting to see!
    Vancouver, WA Zone 8b See profile for current varietal list
    WL: Cessac, Burgan, Nuestra Senora del Carmen, Boysenberry Blush, Dolce Calderai, Cardenillo, Iranian Candy, Cherry Cordial, Petrovaca, Joualle rouge


    • 599gh888
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      sorry my camera sucks. the 1st picture what left of the wings. the rest of the pics is meh

    • Halligan-
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      Hey, I still saw more wasps in your photos than I’ll ever see at my house👍🏻