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  • Pinching the tip...(with pics)

    This is really for the newbies who want to encourage a bean pole into a nicely shaped tree. I pinched the tops of Chater Green in January of 2016 and Grise st Jean in January 2015. Some varieties will still want to grow straight up but most won't. Also the big leaves on St Jean are really beautiful. Good luck and don't be afraid lol.
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    Very nice! And very useful.
    To add a different side to it. By an accident, I broke a tip on a small Zidi, it was hanging on skin, basically. I immediately put it back keeping the skin intact and wrapped with parafilm. The tip grew back and after a bit of a delay started producing leaves. Since it was green and still was getting a tiny portion of nutrients, it bonded quickly back.
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      I love pinching tips.....😱

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