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  • Cutting CPR - Zombie Cutting

    Having problems with rooted cuttings that have leafed out developing root rot. I seem to be doing ok rooting but I am struggling with die off due to root rot after I transfer to a 1 gallon pot. My mix is 50/50 perlite and topsoil mix. I use the same mix for rooting.

    What do you guys do when a cutting develops root rot? Is it possible to bring it back to life? I heard that some people cut away the rotted portion, re-dip, and then try again. I am hoping that I can just cut away the dried out portion of the new growth, cut away the old root system, and bring it back as a zombie cutting. At what point is it not worth trying? Thanks
    Jose in Glen Arm, Maryland.... Zone 7a

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    My experience (with only one exception) has been that once root rot happens after up potting, it's over. I have attempted to cut the bottom off and start over if there are enough nodes left...but results have not been successful enough for me to say that the effort is worth it.
    Bryant...Franklin County, VA...Zone 7a. Wish List: a 32 hour day....more sleep


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      The microbes that cause root rot are usually the same that cause damping off, http://tomclothier.hort.net/page13.html
      They are usually present in soils, which is why the recommendation is to use soil-less potting mixes for rooting fig cuttings.

      Its been my experience that once the roots start to rot the chances of recovery are very slim due to a lack of stored reserves in the cutting. You could remove the rotted areas and do a direct plant, full burial of the cutting, it sometimes works, but take time for the cutting to start growing. Good luck.
      Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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        So assuming one uses a soil-less media for rooting... The chances of root rot once you up pot are reduced?

        I'll try the direct plant and complete cover. What can go wrong at this point. Already got a dead cutting for the most part. Thanks for the input guys.
        Jose in Glen Arm, Maryland.... Zone 7a


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          Yes, Soil-less (clean) and moist (not wet) media increases success rates. Good Luck.

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        If you have the room just start off with one gallon pots then you don't have to worry about up potting. You probably are up potting to soon. wait a couple more weeks so the roots are stronger.