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  • Branch out of a pencil

    Allo everyone.

    I've got a couple baby figs putting on great new growth this year, but they seem...eehh...a little top heavy. My Smith in particular is growing a finger sized branch out of a twig smaller than a pencil. Is this gonna be a problem? I assume it will grow with time/stress (wind stress will induce growth to stabilize), but is this something I should keep an eye on?

    Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a

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    It should catch up in my limited experience. You could also pot deeper when you up pot too so the larger branch roots.

    Might need to do some staking until it catches up.
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      I like Don's idea of burying deeper when you go to up pot.. I've done this with the majority of my cuttings to help out with stabilization and also to try to have as many nodes under the soil line as possible.. Of course staking is another good option too. Ive noticed though that after a year in the pot and being exposed to the wind (like you mentioned) they definitely become much more stable on their own as well
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        I've had a couple do that in the past, the trunck does catch up.

        Burying it deep is never a bad idea.
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          Thanks for the input everyone. I'll just let it do its thing. If it becomes more of a problem I'll stake it.
          Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a