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  • Best place to buy fig trees delivered or central FL

    I live on the space coast of FL and I am looking to buy a couple potted fig trees. I have been told that cloned or tissue cultures take a long time to fruit and grow so I would prefer another method. I tried cuttings and killed them all so I plan to just buy potted trees that have been propagated by cuttings or air layering. This forum was suggested to me by another forum and some people said here were some central FL members that could help mainly Wills that may have more info. Any info that anyone has would be very appreciated.

    I am looking for at least a couple at the same time. First choice is Violette De Bordeaux and second choice can be somewhat flexible and I am open to suggestions for what is best for the Florida climate. I have heard LSU Purple grows very well also. Some improved Celeste or orourke would be nice. I want my second choice to be something that grows well without being babied and will have top tier quality fruit flavor with the longest possible crop season. Thanks to anyone for info on varieties I should consider and more importantly where I can find them. Thanks to everyone for any help!!!

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    When I was in Tallahassee earlier this month they had Celeste and Brown Turkey at Lowe's for $20 each. They were well branched and about 4-5' tall with buds and figlets. You might want to try one of those as well if they have them at your local Lowe's. People says they're workhorse figs, nice and productive.
    Zone 7a in Virginia


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      Hi Chris,

      Welcome. I am right across the state from you in Citrus county.
      Cutting sales have ended for the season. Plant sales will start March 1 at 8 eastern time. If it is still too cold in your area I can hold your plants till a date of your choosing.


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        SarinaP thanks. I actually saw an "ischia" at a local Walmart and the picture looked like a green ischia fig. I don't know anything about these but they seem to have good reviews from most people and being green tend to get ignored by birds which could be good for me. Celeste seems to be a popular fruit and has good flavor from what I hear but something tells me that if there was a need for an "improved Celeste" makes me think something was wrong with the original when it comes to Florida weather? I have tasted brown turkey figs and was not all that impressed with them so I am not interested in those.

        Wills that's great news! So the referral to this site seems like it was a great idea. I will now try to learn how to PM you for some more info unless you have suggestions publicly.


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          other than wills you won't find any florida purveyors lowes will occanionally have green ischia brown turkey ( see my post a while ago about me and the lonely brown turkey fig from lowes I am on the west coast citrus citrus citrus but on the other hand all Hail to Orchids galore.