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  • Figs that are NOT cold hardy at all!

    I live in the intermediate desert of southern AZ (~5000 ft above sea level), which tends to be a pretty extreme climate with respect to summer highs and winter lows. Every summer we can count on several weeks of 100+ °F heat, which the figs love. However, we can also get a few nights during the winter where we drop into the high teens, which the figs do not like. This past winter we got down to ~20 °F a few nights in a row and none of my trees suffered any dieback (brown turkey, Peter's honey, white kadota, VdB, and texas everbearing). I am adding several new varieties this year, and for many varieties I'm not sure they would do as well in the ground. So here is my question:

    What fig varieties do you know of that are NOT cold hardy at all? What are the varieties you have had that seem to suffer extreme dieback in the 20-30 °F range?

    I would like to keep track of everyone's input and keep an updated database, in case I'm not the only one with this specific question.

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    Did your temps get to 20F or -20F?
    Any just to throw a wrench in your great question. What are your wind chill temperatures?


    Really happy with what I have.


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      That was a squiggly line to designate "around" 20, not -20! I am in zone 8a, so really the question is are there are any figs you should not grow in the ground in zone 8a?

      In general, our low temperatures come after a winter storm has moved through and the sky clears overnight. As a result, we don't end up with much wind in combination with an extreme low temperature. I would guess the wind chills would still be above the single digits in the worst conditions.