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  • What't your magic for growing fig trees in pots?

    Here is a video that popped up in my news feed on facebook this morning that I liked very much. It's a common sense way to grow plants in pots.

    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b

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    Thank You for posting.I might try this on a couple of my trees if I could find the following locally:
    Lava rock
    Lava sand called basalt
    Two different sizes of composted mulch
    Add some compost to the top but never mix in the container
    Add Worm casting use as much as you can afford
    And micro riser a beneficial fungus
    Sas North Austin, TX Zone 8B


    • Taverna78
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      Watch worn castings... Too much is bad. Turn into mud if too much also has live bacteria in it that cause white fuzz mold if mix with wrong stuff

    • Sarahkt
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      I thought about adding worm castings at one point but thought it was laughable how expensive worm castings are at my local stores (and for such tiny bags). I know a little goes a long way, but with the number and size of the potted trees I have, that would add up really quickly. Instead, I just add worms.

      I don't even buy the worms. If I'm moving pots or planting vegetables directly in ground and come across a worm or two, I'll add it to whatever I potted up last. When I pot smaller containers up, I sometimes see more (and smaller) worms than I remembered adding in originally so I know they're at least surviving long enough to procreate in there. Hopefully making worm castings and aerating the soil mix.
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    He uses really small pieces of lava rock. I know a guy who started with lava rock and pumice and he had trouble with those 2 things tearing up his roots so he switched to perlite.
    Bob C.
    Kansas City, MO Z6


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      Personally I'm still working on my container mojo 😉, but when I get it down pat I will report back & share it with everyone lol. Interesting video but I'm wondering how often they have to water those pots out there in Az heat with so little for the water to cling to? Obviously its working though or they'd be outta business & not making 'how to' videos.. Lol
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        Even though I don't do exactly as what they told, I like to mix and match my own mixing formula using theirs as a general guideline, but I learned so much from those two guys, the Vegan Athlete Jake Maces and Shamus O'leary. Their channels are my favorite on YouTube.