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  • Wifi Sprinkler System Deal - Ends 4/6/2016

    I just thought i would share a deal i came across and purchased earlier, the deal ends today though (amazon daily deal)


    Its a wifi enabled sprinkler system. I hated my old one and thought this might be helpful for the upcoming season to auto-adjust the watering needs. I also plan on somehow adding another zone for my drip irrigation so i can manually trigger waterings of my plants , right now its on a battery powered time which isnt as flexible as my cell phone

    Hopefully others will jump on this deal.
    May the Figs be with you!

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    Do you know the difference between the Gen 1 that is on sale and the Gen 2?


    • BrooklynMatty
      BrooklynMatty commented
      Editing a comment
      sorry i saw this too late dan. The only differences i read was that gen2 was easier to install and there are some manual controls on the box. But the actual functionality is all the same since its driven by code and they are the same platform. So Gen1 was a no brainer at that price.