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  • OT: Any damage to fruit trees in Mid-Atlantic from Artic Blast?

    Hi all. For those of you with fruit trees, did you get any damage from the freezing temperatures the past two nights. Here in NJ, many fruit trees have been flowering because of the mild winter making the threat of damage from freezing temperatures very real. I used a bunch of IR lamps pointing to the canopy and the large peach tree still has most of it's flowers in tact along with a number of flower buds that haven't opened yet. Not sure if it helped but was worth a try. Luckily it didn't get down to the upper teens as forecasted last night and stayed in the mid-20s instead.

    This tree provided a ton of tasty peaches last year and I'd hate for two nights of cold temps to minimize fruit production this year.

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    My peach tree looks fine, but our cold was on the mild side in Woodbridge.
    Zone 7a in Virginia


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      My peach trees and Japanese plums were in full bloom - down to 20 degrees last night and same predicted again tonight; then a couple warmer nights then 18 degrees one night over the weekend.

      My one inground fig is still covered, my potted fig plants are partly doing the shuffle and partly still in storage. (well, I am doing the shuffling, they are not helping at all...)
      SW PA zone 6a


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        It looks like the brebas on my in-ground Adriatic JH bit the dust. Oh well. The jury is still out on my blueberries and asian pears.
        D-i-c-k-e-r-s-o-n, MD; zone 7a
        WL: Castillon


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          My stuff looks ok, hard to tell on the peach though. We'll see what Saturday night brings...
          SE PA
          Zone 6