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  • Ponte Tresa

    Since this variety fetches large sums of dollars for acquiring the tree/cuttings I thought I'd start a thread on it. I didn't notice this variety listed under the "varieties" sub-forum...

    Ponte Tresa named after it's Swiss location (Ponte Tresa municipality in the District of Lugano; wiki link) very near the border of Italy. Poster FMD has tasted the figs from the Mother tree and indicated that they were one of the best tasting figs he has ever had (post)

    Due to it's native location, should not be cold hardy (low of -3C/26.6F; zone 9)

    Fig color:
    (see FMD link here)

    Fig Pulp:

    Fig Taste (please provide info)
    Fig Flavor Category (please provide info)
    Fig Size (please provide info)

    Fig Leaf shape (please provide info)

    Fig Pollination - probably caprified in it's native location but has been grown in the US without pollination)
    Malcolm - Carroll County, MD (zone 6b). Interested in cold hardy figs. Currently container growing, MBVS, St. Rita, Olympian, RdB, Beale, Sal's EL, UCD 184-15s and Desert King.

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    Here are some of FMD's pictures. I believe the coin is slightly smaller than a quarter but I'm not positive and the fruit is from the mother tree most likely caprified. The uncaprified first fruit on a young tree appeared much smaller.

    Of the Florida grown fruit, FMD said "My wife described it as sweet, spicy and smoky."

    I believe of the mother fruit, the flavor is described as berrylike dripping with honey and a hint of citrus in the skin.
    You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 3 photos.
    Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Zaffiro, Moro de Caneva, Nerucciolo d'Elba, Bordissot Blanca Negra, Rubado


    • smithmal
      smithmal commented
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      Don thanks for the feedback. I've read that the fig size is between small and medium. I'm thinking that means anywhere from 20g to 50g, but it would be nice if anyone who has been able to get figs from their PT confirm.

      Also, of the five flavor categories, where does PT fit?

      Adriatic berry
      Dark berry
      Bordeaux berry

      I'm thinking from what you've said and what I've read is that its most likely a berry (with that dark red interior) and either a Dark or Bordeaux but it would be nice to confirm.

      The leaf shape looks to be three lobed, but it would be nice if someone could post a clean pic of the leaf.

      In terms of growth and production. I believe FMD with WillsC indicated that PT was very vigorous in growth, but I'm not sure about production. Of the few that have grown it, I believe very little indication of FMV is noted.

      Also, I'm assuming no breba, but haven't noted that confirmed anywhere.

      Finally, if someone could post ripening start date along with their hardiness zone, that would be helpful as well.

    • don_sanders
      don_sanders commented
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      It might be early to get much info. As far as I know, FMD is the only one that has a tree that has fruited yet...maybe Rob.

    • smithmal
      smithmal commented
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      I think maybe Steve (Rewton) has had fruit from his PT as well?