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  • Genovese Nero, I-258, Preto...How do you rank them in flavor?

    I've had Preto for a few years. It's outstanding. If all goes well, I will get to taste Genovese Nero (real one) and I-258 on the same plate in another year or two.
    For those who have tasted all 3, how do you rank the flavor from 1st-3rd place? Black Madeira can be a substitute for Preto, as I hear they're identical. Thanks!
    Frank ~ zone 7a VA

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    Good question. I'd say all three are hard to beat. My favorite is GN, but the other two are awesome.
    Western Pa -6a


    • F. Bennett
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      Thanks, Art

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    I'm w Art, but havent tasted 258 yet, this fall I will!
    Zone 10b, Miami, FL


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      I think rather than say the "real GN" we should specify the source. I know some think Rob's is the real one and some think Rafed's is. It's pointless to argue it so please don't. I can't remember who thinks which is "real" so I'm asking you to specify. Please let's not get off on GN as a bunny trail So Art, is yours Rob's or Rafed's? (And if it's Rafed's what can I bribe you with to get an a/l? I already have the other one : -)
      Bob C. KC, MO Zone 6a. Wanted: Martineca Rimada, Galicia Negra, Fioroni Ruvo, De La Reina - Pons, Tauro, BFF, Sefrawi, Sbayi, Mavra Sika , Fillaciano Bianco, Corynth, Souadi, Acciano Purple, LSU Tiger, LSU Red, Cajun Gold, BB-10 any great tasting fig


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        Arts is the Rafed type. #3 on my GN explanation.
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          Originally posted by F. Bennett View Post
          Black Madeira can be a substitute for Preto, as I hear they're identical. Thanks!
          The FRUIT is identical, the plants are not. I have 4 BM and 3 Preto and while I can't tell the difference in the fruit the Preto's always ripen before the BM's so they are not identical. Kissing cousins
          Cutting sales have ended for the season. Plant sales will start March 1 at 8 eastern time. If it is still too cold in your area I can hold your plants till a date of your choosing.


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            Is it possible that if the leaves are different then in some environments the fruit will be different as well? I haven't gotten fruit from BM but some day I'll be able to compare them here.
            Bob C. KC, MO Zone 6a. Wanted: Martineca Rimada, Galicia Negra, Fioroni Ruvo, De La Reina - Pons, Tauro, BFF, Sefrawi, Sbayi, Mavra Sika , Fillaciano Bianco, Corynth, Souadi, Acciano Purple, LSU Tiger, LSU Red, Cajun Gold, BB-10 any great tasting fig


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              I haven't had I258 or GN (yet), but I've had Black Madeira, Black Madeira kk, and Preto side by side. Essentially the same fig, like Sal's GS and Hardy Chicago.
              SE PA
              Zone 6


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                I have only tasted two figs from my GN (Rafed) tree which is in its second year now. I
                have tasted several I-258 figs, numerous Black Madeira and numerous GN (Robs)
                (no Preto as yet but probably this season) This is probably not a good comparison but
                I would say 1. Black Madeira, 2. GN Rafed, 3. I-258 and 4. GN (Robs)
                newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


                • F. Bennett
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                  Thanks, Mike. Any info is helpful.

                • Rewton
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                  Mike, would you say the flavor profile between those figs is really similar i.e. would you put them all in the same flavor class?

                • newnandawg
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                  Steve, yes I would

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                Bob says,,,
                "I know some think Rob's is the real one and some think Rafed's is."

                ************************************************** *****************************************
                I have nothing but respect for Bob and I consider this as an innocent comment coming from him. So excuse me for sounding a bit harsh for my response.

                I have not posted here in a long time for the same reason as your host went around sending emails to others saying that he thought Robs version was the real one. I asked him what his expertise was with the Genovese Nero? This was after and probably during the fact and time that he and I repeatedly discussed the history behind it. He could not let it go. His motivations? I don't know?
                Nonetheless, I moved on and moved away. Not getting into complete details here.

                I am going to try and make this as simple as I can,
                โ€‹To those who don't know me or the history behind the GN. I am the one that originally got it from Adriano. Now there could have been one or two others that got it from him as well but I will not say who. Adriano did the cutting live and in person while I was there to witness it. He did the cuts and I did the tagging. So there is no mistake about it. I grew the cuttings and Rob came to my house and picked one out. Because I thought he was a friend. Had I known he was going to go behind my back and "WHORE" this cultivar on ebay I would never have given him anything. Rob at one point posted an updated picture of his plant when it had grown roughly to the size of a beach ball. It was the real deal. Next thing you know he was selling cuttings on ebay. That's when all hell broke loose. IMO, the money was too good and Rob either ran out of cuttings and subbed with some fake ones. Or Rob lost his and wanted to keep the money rolling. I don't know. One thing I do know for sure is the one he has now IS NOT REAL!!

                For those of you so called experts that think Robs is the real one.
                โ€‹What expertise do you have with this fig? What are you basing this on? Is it because Robs is bigger fruit? Flavor? Color? Have you been to Adriano to see his tree in person to compare? Did you get cuttings or plants from Adirano that slightly resemble Robs? Please explain it here because I want this debate to come to rest.

                As for Arts version,
                Art got his from another friend who got a little plant from me from a batch I had started a year or two before Robs. Art has the real deal!

                FYI, Adriano and I were very close. As difficult it is for you to get in contact with him I was like family to him. His wife loved me like a family member. But for some reason Adriano distanced himself from me and I believe this is due to what Rob did. A mutual friend of ours told me that Adriano thought i had something to do with what Rob did. So my friends, I lost a good friend because of anther ones greed.

                With that said, due to this experience and this alone is the reason why I will not and refuse to share anything from its' sister plant "Genovese Bianco". It is just as large and beautiful as her brother the GN.
                I might share later when I have plenty to go around. If I do I want to make sure this fig will not be whored on ebay. But I will suspect it will.

                In conclusion, I have no desire to come back and post but once again, but I invite you experts to chime in as to how and why you think Robs is the real one and not mine. I want facts!

                Have a good day everyone
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                  I don't have a horse in the race either way so I hope no one gets mad. But let's say rob sold a hundred cuttings or trees or whatever. Ok if he had a real GN what's say two or three or more people may have got the real one. I've never heard anyone say that Rafeds isn't real tho. I hope this is not viewed as me stirring the pot because that is not what I'm trying to do.
                  Kentucky Zone 6b


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                    Well I guess that sums it up. Finally we can drop the Robs version and that's that. It's a different fig and looks like Texas Blue Giant.


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                      There is no fig expertise involved in this, all a person needs is the ability to be objective. It is simply the facts, your facts I would like to point out as the information below came from you. You walked with Adriano to his GN tree, you stood there with Adriano as he took the cuttings of GN to give you, did you not? The plants that resulted from that trip are a Robs type...and they match perfectly the plant and fruit from the first introduction of GN he gave you. Only later did you go back and get potted plants from him and those plants were not started by Adriano. This only bothers you so much because you blasted Rob and made such a huge deal of him being a thief. You can't fathom or even entertain the thought that you might be wrong or God forbid that you OWE the man an apology. I don't know Rob, never have spoken to the man or written to him.

                      What we have is a difference of opinion.....am I not entitled to have my opinion? I looked at the circumstances, the facts and formed an opinion, MY opinion.......you don't like that opinion, you don't agree with it. and I am ok with that. I am fine with your opinion differing from mine......why? Because I am or try to be a reasonable person. If you are going to get that blindly ANGRY just because someone has a different opinion than yours.......well, that is also your right BUT it is my right to not care. If you want to be mad, be mad.......but if you expect me to care you are mad that won't happen.

                      I never emailed it to everyone. People would write me and say they wanted a GN, first thing I would have to ask them is "which one"? I got tired of explaining it, so I wrote out an explanation of the circumstances of the introductions and telling people to make up there own mind which one was "real". The only people that got the explanation were those that wanted it so they could tell me which type they wanted or those that would ask me for it.

                      In this case "real" is a pointless word anyway, this is an unsolvable puzzle. In the grand scheme of things it is no big deal to anyone except you. The Rafed version is by FAR the better fig which I also stated. That explanation of facts, YOUR facts is what made you so angry and frankly I don't care as getting that "worked up" over something so trivial is just to ridiculous TO care about. You think with your heart and not your head, you let your passions and temper obliterate all forms of logical thought or debate. Out of deference to you I never posted the explanation on the board but since you went out of your way to point out part of the story I will include below just what made you become so uncontrollably angry. People then can form their own opinion.......that is what thoughtful, logical human beings do.

                      Yes you and Adriano WERE close, You and Michael WERE close, you and Rob WERE close, You and Jon WERE close, You and I WERE close....you and a dozen other people WERE close. It reminds me of the guy who gets divorced for the 5th time and laments "what is wrong with all the women in this world"?

                      The GN explanation I have sent to people that asked for it is below between the lines. I wonder how many people would get as angry as you did Rafed from a simple, logical explanation and interpretation of facts? I will let people judge for themselves.

                      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________

                      There were 4 introductions of Genovese Nero which are detailed below. Some names have been removed and just a letter is used for the name and it is not necessarily the persons real initials. Yes I know it is easy to figure out who is A, B and C but the introduction of the plant was not exactly legal so ABC is all I am going to put in writing.

                      The GN was a pretty much unknown here.

                      1. A then was still doing long hauls and part of the time was in Canada. G wanted the GN so A picked up the cuttings of them from Adriano and brought them back across the border. The package was sealed and A took that still sealed package and put it in another padded envelope and mailed it to G. A kept no cuttings from the pack. G rooted them and gave one of the extra rooted cuttings to C, none to A. This is a Rob's type.

                      2.Subsequently A is back in Canada and gets another set of GN cuttings from Adriano this time for himself. He is with Adriano as he harvests the cuttings off the tree. He brings them back and roots them, 4 make it. Rob is at A's house later that spring and A being the generous guy he is tells Rob to pick one of the 4 and he does and takes it home. So now A has 3 GN left and sadly all 3 died over the winter during storage so the only surviving GN from that pack of cuttings belongs to Rob. So now A has no GN. This is also the Robs version.

                      3. A is back in Canada and picked up a potted GN from Adriano but the plant does not do well and he is going to throw it away but a friend of his P wants it so A sends it to him. The plant survives and is reproduced. This comes to be known as the Rafed GN version.

                      4. On a trip up to Canada later that year A stops at Adrianos and Adriano gives him another 1 gallon GN. He brings it home and grows it and airlayers it for many people and that is also the Rafed GN.

                      1. and 2. above are an exact match to each other........ 3. and 4. above are an exact match to each other but 1. and 2. look NOTHING like 3. and 4. 3. and 4. leaves look like a Black Madeira or an I-258. Some think the Rafed GN could in fact be I-258 or a close sport of it??? Others say it is definitely not I-258, who knows.

                      So on two different occasions cuttings of GN were brought back, 2 different years and they are the same plant. Two 1 gallon plants were later brought back on two occasions and they match each other but not the plants that came from the cuttings. I believe the 1 gallon plants were not started by Adriano but instead came from Adriano's original source for GN. Because the 1. and 2. version GN came from cuttings that were harvested while A was there I think it can be fairly reasonably argued that the plants that came from the cuttings are the true Genovese Nero (Robs) and the 1 gallon plants are the wrong ones, a mistake on Adriano's sources part or Adrianos. BUT that is just my opinion based on the facts. Yes a couple people have said they saw Adriano's and it looks like the Rafed version.....yet there are no pictures of Adriano's and I hear he lost it. A thinks Rob pulled a fast one and I don't know Rob at all, have never spoken to him but just stating facts and since Rob's GN matches C's perfectly I feel Rob did nothing wrong, the evidence as I understand it backs that up.

                      That is it. Which one is the real GN? Read the facts and form your own opinion. In my opinion the evidence shows Robโ€™s being the real one, but the Rafed version is by far the better fig.

                      There is also a possible 5th introduction #5 which may have been first, and that is the GN that Harvey has now (not the Robs GN he had before) but I cannot say one way or the other if it is the "good (Rafed) " one. He thinks it is........but his source did not offer to give details for public dissemination. The plant he has shown me does match the leaves on my #3 and deceased #4.

                      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________________

                      Cutting sales have ended for the season. Plant sales will start March 1 at 8 eastern time. If it is still too cold in your area I can hold your plants till a date of your choosing.


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                        What IS wrong with all of the women in the world??

                        I vote to call them Rafed's and Rob's Genovese Nero. Rafed's Genovese Nero definitely sounds like the one I was looking for.
                        Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Zaffiro, Moro de Caneva, Nerucciolo d'Elba, Bordissot Blanca Negra


                        • PA Figs
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                          I'm personally going with Robs Genovese Nero Not and Genovese Nero AF. Nothing against Rafed, but Adriano was the originator. At the end of the day, I don't care what is what, just that we can have a standard name by which to ID and refer to these. Wills is tracking paths with his 1-5 and I probably have #6, but I believe there are only two separate varieties with all that I have heard.
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                        My only observation is that what Wills lists as No.1 is intended to appear chronological, and if it happend as No. 1, that might strengthen the argument. But as I analyze the contrasting stories, Rafed seems to be saying No. 1 occurred in the three or four position as to chronology. I think dates do matter here, and since no one is giving precise dates, it is not as clear cut as the competing stories might imply.
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                        Zone 10b, Miami, FL


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                          I have said what I needed to say in my Facebook fig group and I am quite sure you have been there to read it. How else would you explain here in so much detail?
                          I have no desire to into a heated argument about the GN here or anywhere, I just want the good people to know the truth. Because quite frankly, I explained the story to you at least a dozen or two times but it seems you could not let it go and went on as far as sending emails about who has the real one or not. What is your motivation? I don't know and I don't care. You are welcome to copy and paste it here for those that do not have access to the fb fig group to read it though. I just don't have the desire to repeat myself here, for real.

                          As for being close to Rob? Yes we were close but he seemed to suddenly avoid me and not return my calls or emails. But later on I see him selling the Genovese on ebay. You make the call on this one.
                          As for Adriano? Yes we were close, but as I stated, Rob may be the reason why Adriano chose to distance himself from me. As I have explained to you before. Nelson even said that Adriano felt that I may have played a hand on the Robs sales issue.
                          As for Jon? Yes, we were close but you know the story behind it. It wasn't just me that left f4f. Others followed because they got fed up with the bs. You stayed behind to only get canned by Jon a short time later. You remember right?

                          The shocker here is Mike. How is that? I have no issues with him. Unless you know something I don't? Please tell me, what have you heard?

                          FYI, this is the last time I will post anything here. Take all the shots you want and make all the insults your heart can desire. If anything, please remove me from this forum.
                          Only reason why I posted earlier is because the good people deserve to know the story. Let them make their own call.


                          • Rafed
                            Rafed commented
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                            ***I just want to add something after the fact I said I am out for good. Sorry, it was late last night and I was tired.***

                            You go on by saying I get angry for your opinion, which in fact I am not angry at all. Your opinions are taken with a grain of salt.
                            I have facts! Fact is I have been to Adriano to see the real one. And facts that I stated earlier here and at the FB fig group. Why is it so hard for you to accept the FACT Robs version is not the real one?
                            You go on by saying this is an "unsolvable puzzle". Of course it isn't. You are not letting it go. You refuse to let the flames go out by keeping these people confused. But I'll put the last piece to the puzzle, ROBs IS NOT REAL GN! GET OVER IT!!! Stop dragging this on!!! Yes, multiple people told me you have approached them with emails stating why you think Robs is the real one. They all can't be lying to me can they now? You mean to tell me this is some conspiracy?

                            The only connection I can put to your comment on how Robs and "G" versions are the same is because Rob has purchased many figs from G in the past. Only assumption I can place is Rob may have lost the original one (the one I gave him) and got the other from G. Or Rob had one from G before I gave him the real one. Or its just a coincidence the leaves are similar. As for G, who knows? Maybe G made a mistake? Or maybe Adriano accidentally sent G the wrong one? Adriano has been known to have those hiccups from time to time. That is why I am confident with mine. I was there live and in person. Have you been there to make your assumption? Or give your opinions? Please share it because I originally asked for facts! not opinions!

                            Harvey has been selling the real one this time around. In fact, I endorsed him on our FB group. He got his from another collector that was lucky enough to get his from Adriano long before this mess ever happened.

                            Bass posted a picture of the REAL fruit on our FB group. Identical to Arts but nothing near Robs version. He got his directly from Adriano.

                            Do you dare to contradict these people like you did with me?

                            Ask me about any other fig and I just may take a step back and not say anything. But when it comes to the GN I am very passionate about it. And if I am not 100% certain which one is or isn't authentic I would take a step back. But I will continue to fight for this one. For the simple fact that Rob cheated people out of their money. And you want me to apologize to him? Did you lose your mind?

                            As for you saying it may me or not be the same as I-258. You remember when you told me that? You remember what I said?
                            In case you forgot, I said I don't give a "F". I said good, let it be the same. It's no wonder everyone like these two so much. They might be the same. And I laughed it off.
                            You see Wills, I don't get upset with everything now do I?

                            ************************************************** ************************************************** ******************

                            To all my fellow fig collectors,

                            I am not taking away from the great review Robs version got. I am not taking away from it's impressive size and taste. I am not taking away from its' toughness and how great it grows.

                            But I will say is it is in no way, shape, size , form or taste a true GN. You make your own judgement please. I have presented my facts and I will not back down. I don't have a horse in anyones selling race. Those with their opinions have their right but until they actually visited Adriano to see the mother tree live and in person they need to reserve their opinions till then.
                            It's your money so spend it the way you want. If you want Robs version by all mean get it and best of luck to you.

                            As for Wills mentioning about being close to people and the 5th divorce. He is right, I do don't like to give people 2nd chances. Why should I surround myself with, liars, cheater, scammers and thieves? If you do it once you will do it again. I rather disconnect and move on. I have my good name to protect.

                            ************************************************** ************************************************** *****************

                            Last but not least,

                            To everyone that has Robs version, or seen Robs version.
                            Please go you f4f and on the search feature type in: rob0520.
                            This is Robs account. There you will see the topics started by Rob.
                            Scroll down to the "Genovese" thread that he start back in June 2011.
                            In that thread you will see the one and only picture of the Genovese that I HAD GIVEN HIM.
                            Please look at the picture of that title tree and compare it to the one he sold and you be the judge.
                            I have the ink posted on my FB fig group as well.
                            Wills has seen this picture himself but he is still in denial.

                            Better yet, here it is,


                            Again, you be the judge, people.

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                          Verdict would be out soon as a friend here(Canada) has both versions -- real thing directly from Adriano
                          as a potted plant.


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                            Well this whole thing bums me out as I have a mentor that lives 5 minutes away, and I can't really correspond with him as he is not coming back here, and I'll never go on Facebook. I understand though, too bad. Oh well, I'll figure things out myself.


                            • Rafed
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                              Sorry Andrew, email sent.

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                            Originally posted by Rafaelissimmo View Post
                            My only observation is that what Wills lists as No.1 is intended to appear chronological, and if it happend as No. 1, that might strengthen the argument. But as I analyze the contrasting stories, Rafed seems to be saying No. 1 occurred in the three or four position as to chronology. I think dates do matter here, and since no one is giving precise dates, it is not as clear cut as the competing stories might imply.


                            No, they are listed chronologically 1-4 as they happened.
                            Cutting sales have ended for the season. Plant sales will start March 1 at 8 eastern time. If it is still too cold in your area I can hold your plants till a date of your choosing.


                            • Rafed
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                              #1 is to be inserted somewhere between #3 and #4. It is definitely not in the order you put.
                              Are you going to argue the orders now?
                              As to #5, I am very confident he has the real one now.

                              I will post this again,

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                            No I have not read what you wrote on your facebook group and have no intention of doing so, simply responding to what you wrote here. Again I did not mass email anyone on this, why you think that and keep repeating it is beyond me. If I had, I believe people here would be chiming in that they had received it from me unsolicited. I sent the explanation and btw you do not dispute the facts contained in it to only those that needed it to make a decision or asked for it. I went out of my way not to post it here as I had no desire to upset you even though I never could understand WHY it made you so angry. IF I had been nasty to you in it I could see why you were so upset, but I wasn't, it is simply the facts. I could turn this and ask you what is your motivation? Why does this upset you so badly? Could it be because you slandered a guy who did nothing wrong and the thought you should apologize to the man is just too much for you to handle? Don't know him at ALL but fair is fair and what you did to the guy was not right. To be so upset over a difference of opinion just baffles me.

                            What motivation could I possibly have? Was simply trying to figure out what happened, searching for the truth. Once I figured out there was no solving this riddle I dropped it. Yes I asked you about it many times as I wanted to be very clear on the events.

                            I also do not understand this entire "whoring" figs on eBay thing. Producing a product that people want is not whoring, it is free enterprise. It is just a plant, a product. Btw How many thousands of dollars did you make last year selling figs on eBay? But that was not whoring right?

                            We are stuck with two GN's, as long as people list them as Rafeds or Robs it avoids confusion. I am thankful they are so easy to tell apart.

                            Cutting sales have ended for the season. Plant sales will start March 1 at 8 eastern time. If it is still too cold in your area I can hold your plants till a date of your choosing.


                            • Rafed
                              Rafed commented
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                              I have better things to do on a Sunday than to sit here and argue with you.
                              I have stated my case with facts.
                              I have inserted a link to Robs f4f thread on the original GN as proof.

                              Until you visit Adriano and actually see and witness the real GN you don't have a ground to stand on. Your opinions are just as you speak of, "Opinions". Nothing more nothing less. I have gone with this with you time after time. I have explained in detail time after time but it just seems I was and still am beating on a dead horse. I don't know the obsession over this fig? Yes, it is only a fig. But confusing a fake one to the real one for financial gains is just plain wrong.
                              Take this anyway you want, I rather take the word of the people that say you approached them with the email before I take yours. Sorry, it is what it is.
                              I don't know what more I can say???

                              There is no confusion. There is only one version of the GN and this is Adrianos version. There are no Rafeds and there are no Robs.
                              Robs version is definitely not a GN. I repeat, NOT A GN. The Rafed version should be called Genovese Nero AF. AF for Adrianos first and last name. As it was before.

                              As for motivation, you are the only one that knows why as it seems you will not let go. I will not begin to speculate as to why. I don't care. I'm just here to clear things up on the authenticity.

                              As for slander the other guy as he did nothing wrong? SMH
                              Hmmm, let's see. Betraying a friend. Causing a friendship with Adriano. Passing out fakes and denying it. Do I need to go on?
                              Am I the only one upset with what he did? Please chime in.

                              I ask of you one big favor and please accommodate. Please remove me from this forum. I tried doing it myself and I couldn't.
                              Because I keep saying I won't post but I get sucked in again.

                            • WillsC
                              WillsC commented
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                              I have stood behind you time after time when you swore at people, when you attacked people, bullied people for no good reason, simply because they have a different opinion than yours. I have defended you publicly apologized for your actions privately when you became outraged and attacked people over trivial nonsense.......I simply had enough of it, as did Adriano, as has every friend you have ever had that I know of. You are a generous person with a good heart but that is far offset by your temper, you are simply too high maintenance. I do not care if you do think I mass mailed it but IF I had don't you think at least 1 of the 800+ members here would chime in and say "yep Wills sent it to me unsolicited". As is always the case you believe what you want to, facts and logic need not apply.

                              I did not bring GN up, you have not posted here since October and your FIRST post back was on GN? so who can't let this go? I simply gave people the other side of the argument. I simply stated the facts and they can decided for themselves and know what? No matter what they decide it will not change how I feel about them. I will not attack them for having a differing opinion. So if you want to know who it is that can't let this go, well, have a mirror handy?

                              Let me share an old saying with you....... it is not a good idea to stir the @@@@ as you may eventually need to lick the spoon. Crude yes, but it suits the situation.

                            • Rafed
                              Rafed commented
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                              Clap clap clap,

                              You are one heck of a story teller. Hollywood couldn't come up with a story like this. For real man.

                              Lets get one thing straight. It wasn't you that had enough, it was me who had enough with you! Learning about those private emails are the straw that broke the camels back! You are a fraud! If you want, I'd be happy to spill it here for all to read or I can send it to you in private. Your call!

                              You are right, it has been since October I last posted here, right around the time I learned about your private emails. I managed to stay away from here until Bob made a post about who thinks what about the GN. The people deserve to know. If I am a bully for this then so be it! People need to learn to appreciate me for standing up for the truth rather be called a bully!

                              During my time at f4f all I did was try and help people, even if it meant getting into verbal exchanges or heated arguments with someone. But I didn't know grown men are becoming so sensitive and call me a bully! I was fighting the battles no one else wanted because I cannot stand fraudsters, scammers, liars and cheaters. Especially when I give someone something to later see it being WHORED on ebay. Maybe I have to balls to do what I do and did what I did! I gained nothing out of this at the end except to be called a bully! A bully I am then. Coming out of you I take it as the highest of honors!

                              I am not high maintenance like you so stated. Instead, I am very simple and always eager to help someone. But if I see someone being dishonest or not right for any reason, I pull myself away from them. Like I have done many other times with others. I don't give 2nd chances. Stab me once shame on you, stab me twice shame on me! That's the end of it and I have told you this before.

                              As for why 1 out of 800 members won't come here and say you sent these private emails is the same reason why those have received their GN directly from Adriano. They don't want to engage!


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                            Being a total noob to the hobby of fig collecting (coming up on my 1 year anniversary of contracting figitis lol), I certainly have no place to even begin to make any assumptions/suggestions/statements on the GN debate. I want to say that I am glad that it is being discussed openly, but I'm hoping it can be done in ourfigs usual style (respectful, considerate, encouraging etc) However I do want to apologize to Frank, as it seems his original topic has been kinda derailed & put on the backburner.. So sorry Frank๐Ÿ˜”!

                            I can see emotions are running very high here, but I'm hoping any feelings of anger or hostility can be checked for the sake of gaining a better understanding of the whole GN debate. I, for one, am very interested in seeing pictures of each version to compare them side by side. I can easily see the difference in the fruit of Rob's and Rafed's versions. My question is more about the leaf shape.. I've tried to find good pictures of the leaves that belong to each type, but for the most part I have been unsuccessful in finding side by side pics to compare the leaves. Well.. I should say that I found some pics of both types in threads started on F4F, but there is often heated disagreement within those same threads that follows the pics that were posted. Another problem I've encountered is that many pics are not clear (fuzziness, bad lighting, not the best angle etc). So if anyone could post clear pics of the leaves on all 4 versions, or even just of Rafed's version (3 & 4 types?) and Rob's version (1 & 2 types?), I would greatly appreciate it

                            I am posting a pic of my little tree, which I bought from Wills cutting sale this past Jan as a Rob's version of the GN. I'm not sure if it's a 1 or 2, but they both seem to be identical to one another if I am reading the preceding posts correctly..

                            Last but not least.. I want to thank you all for sharing the information you have despite the obvious friction and bad feelings that resulted between a group of good people who were once very close to one another..

                            Rafed I have read many of the threads you participated in (F4F mostly) and I have to say that it would be awesome if you were to hang around here more often to share your thoughts on all things fig related! It is obvious you are very passionate about growing figs and many would benefit from your shared experiences, tips, advice, fig thoughts, etc ๐Ÿ˜‰.. Please reconsider severing ties with ourfigs or with old friends that obviously meant a lot to you.. Dohhh I'm doing it... I'm sorry, totally none of my business, but I just can't help but to root for a happy ending between you all.. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

                            So how about them figs? Lol! Also taste comparisons between the I258, Preto, and GN?? Anyone care to add to that? I'd love to hear more on these very coveted varieties ๐Ÿ˜‰ Are they all as delish as their price tag suggests? Curious noobs must know! Lol
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                            • Rafaelissimmo
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                              Jamie that's very good of you to try to mend fences, thank you for your good vibes and positive efforts, I can only hope they bear fruit (lol!)

                            • F. Bennett
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                              No worries Jamie. I got my answer, but thank you anyway.

                            • Jamie0507
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                              Rafaelissimmo I couldn't stop myself from trying! Lol! I seriously hope all parties involved can make amends and even at the risk of sounding naive, I do believe it's possible. If not today, maybe the seed was at least planted? ๐Ÿ˜‰ @F.Bennett thank you for being so good about it.. Im glad to hear you did receive the answer you were looking for Frank

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                            Rafeds/AF Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0268.JPG
Views:	283
Size:	134.1 KB
ID:	82254
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0269.JPG
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Size:	133.6 KB
ID:	82255

                            Rob's Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0267.JPG
Views:	283
Size:	168.6 KB
ID:	82256


                            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0270.JPG
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Size:	130.4 KB
ID:	82259
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                              Thank you!! This is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.. Only thing is.. I'm thinking mine may not match the Rob's version that I thought it was.. Looks more like a Rafed or a Harvey version to me, but it is still very young..Hmmm.. I will definitely have to watch this one to see what it does in the future.. i definitely would not mind if it turned out to be a Rafed/Adriano or a Harvey's version though! Lol..

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                            Here's a picture of my baby Adriano GN. The cutting came from an impeccable source that posts on the other site and not here. His tree was a gift directly from Adriano.

                            You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 1 photos.
                            Rick - Port Isabel, Texas / zone - 10a


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                              Ok, I have not really gotten involved publicly in the GN debates, but I am going to post that information I can provide so that it may help others decide and how I look at things. I have had my tree for almost five years. I received it as Genovese AF from a respected forum member. I have never spoken to or received anything from Rob and my tree is not connected to him. My tree has never died back, had to start over or had any issues or be replaced by someone I had given a tree too. When I received it was not a hot variety. I have not seen any of the other GNs in person only pictures others have posted. I will say this, I have plenty of fig trees that the leaves and fruit have changed over time or are different based on climate, care fertilizers you name it. I think a lot of seem to forget that and I am not speaking to any one in particular and I usually keep it to myself... I'm stating what I see out there all over the forums. I've been told my tree matches the Robs GN. This is the more solid information I have. I wish I had more time to filter through all the posts to find all the pictures that I found valuable, but I've spent to much time on this already. I also have plenty of hearsay and opinions from others who have multiple strains, but I don't want to open that can of worms up. What I would suggest to anyone who has a GN is to take a look at this website and take a look at the picture and read the description. Then think about which one out there seems to match that.
                              โ€‹Here is a picture of leaves from my tree in May of 2012 It was one season old at this point and it was given the full good soil, root prune, fertilizer nice put treatment.

                              Here are pictures of the Mature leaves from 2014. I think we can see some variation from 2012 and from leaves actively growing, but they are all from the same tree.


                              Here are some Breba Pictures from 2014.

                              Here are two Main crop figs picked the same day from my tree in August 2014.

                              Here is another main crop taken in day light in Sept 2014.

                              Take a look at this topic from a member who most likely got their tree directly from Adriano. It seems pretty similar to me....
                              Here is a picture of a small tree that I had sent out to someone. also in 2014


                              Now take a look at this topic post #142 in particular. I see plenty of similarity to what I posted and that is from Adriano's yard.


                              • Levar
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                                As an owner of Texas Blue Giant, I gotta say that the leaf shape and size, fruit interior, color of the fruit, and size of the fruit look identical to my TBG. If what you have is similar in flavor to Brown Turkey, you've got a TBG. That's all the input I can give, though.
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                                Levar, I can honestly say I've never tried an actual Brown Turkey.

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                              Here is mine looks like Rafed version. Still young though.
                              You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 2 photos.


                              • Jamie0507
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                                Not a speck of FMV on that baby Brian! That's a fine looking tree and from what my eye can see, looks very much like the Rafed/Adriano leaf type.. One thing I can say for sure is this is a very interesting variety