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  • Nordland cuttings for $300???

    This winter I remember seeing an Ebay listing for some Nordland cuttings that ended up selling for $300. At the time, I didn't know much about different varieties and I figured it was an extremely rare and sought after variety. However, after some education since then, I have found that Raintree sells Nordland for less than $30 for a one gallon plant. In addition, I can't find any information on the forums about Nordland being anything special.

    Am I missing something here? Does anyone know something I don't know about this fig?

    Here's the Ebay listing:


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    That is an interesting price point for a main stream plant. Much of the price of items such as this is due to the sellers reputation. I bought 2 plants from churl82 last year they were as advertised and shipped promptly. But 300 is still a lot for Nordland. 2 people must have really wanted it and got carried away. If you look at the bid history only two people took the price from $24 to $300
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    Really happy with what I have.


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      And sometimes it's just keyboard ninja's that wreak havoc with an auction... I was selling an automotive Posi-traction rear-end on Ebay that two bidders chased the auction up to three million dollars. The next morning, Ebay sent an invoice for $15,000 as their cut of the sales price.
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        And what did ebay say when you told them not a chance?

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        They apologized for the $15k bill, and reassured me that both bidders had been banned from further transactions.

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      Could have been a couple international buyers fighting for it. It may be a rare variety overseas.
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        I got Nordland from a member along with 5 other great varieties for $20 or $30 with shipping.... so WOW!!!
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          From what I understand and have been told there is two nordlands. One is nordlands Blau and I can't remember the other one off the top of my head.