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  • my fig - bathenjani

    Got the cutting from samikassoum less than a year ago. Now produce heavy fruit with great taste. 2 crop as seen in the pic but last I got the tiny purple fig is like 5-6 month ago.
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    Can you give us some background on this variety? Is it Persian?
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    • Jamie0507
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      I agree! Please tell us a little more background info.. Very nice pics too btw!

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    This variety originated from Palestine. I got it from sami kassoum. He sold it on eBay. Nice person and a member in fig4fun forum. He is from Israel and maybe that's why he have access to this variety. From what his description, this is medium to large fig. The only thing is, he say this fig has sour in taste but mine are very sweet and grainy. Maybe climate do affect the characteristic of this fig


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      It's very possible that your tropical climate has had an impact on the taste of the fruit. Also you mentioned (besides being of sweeter taste) that the fruits were tiny and purple? Instead of med to large like the seller suggested? Very interesting Thank you for sharing Korn81
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        Jamie, I think the purple and tiny fruit most probably the breba. In here, breba produce at the same time as main crop but smaller in size but the taste was outstanding. and also, breba produce in current growth because we have no season like yours. One of our collector in here have made a very detail observations on his fig and found out this fact.