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  • so it is allot of work to move your pots around ???

    Check this guy out

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    I like this guy already.. To dig these trees up every year and then plant them back every spring must bring a joy to him. Because that's alot of work. Thanks for sharing..
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      Geeze....rent a backhoe for a day!

      Is Don a member of our forum?
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        Wow that's a crater they dug, at least the guy had a lot of help. If you have enough crazy (fig) people around you, that is a great idea for overwintering...as long as you know where your underground pipes/lines are. I know one or two people who used to ditch their trees in winter, but they would cut down the tree drastically beforehand(almost to a 2ft stump) and it would only be 2 feet deep.

        That is devotion to say the least.
        May the Figs be with you!