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  • OT - 2015 Southeastern Fig Festival in Charlotte, NC

    Good day, with Spring only a few days away, it's time to start thinking about fellowshipping and talking in person about figs, aka a Fig festival! The weather in my climate is trying to get warmer. Soon we all will be face down playing in the dirt again! Well, I don't know about you but---- I will! So, let's get together and talk about figs! Let's eat figs! Let's play some games and have some fun! Let's have a fig fess!!!!!!

    There are 3 weekends that are on my radar for the fig fess. August 15th, August 22nd, or August 29th. One of these dates will be chosen. I have not decided yet which date. Why? There are a few special guest that I'd like to attend and I have to reach out to them first and see which weekend is best for them. I don't want to tell you who this person is yet. But I will soon.

    I will have smoked turkey, BBQ ribs, and lots of other side dishes. I know it's early but I just wanted to...."throw it out there" and get those interested to start thinking about it. I would love to see each and every one of you! I will announce the date later and post my contact information later. So.........for now......here is what we have:

    What: 2015 Southeastern Fig Festival

    Where: My place -- Charlotte, NC

    When: TBD (one Saturday in August--no date yet)

    Cost: Just a positive altitude and a warm spirit

    What to bring? If you can, bring cuttings or trees to sell or trade and 1 fig tree for the white elephant game.

    .......Events, games, and speakers will come later-----more to come!

    Charlotte, North Carolina/Zone 8a
    Cutting/air layer wish list: Kesariani
    Charlotte, NC /Zone 8a

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    You know I will be there!
    NC Zone 7a-b


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      These always sound like so much fun. But alas, it's just too far away.
      SoCal, zone 10.
      www.ourfigs.com Invite your friends.


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        Would love to swing this depending on which weekend it falls on.


        • Rewton
          Rewton commented
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          Frank, I was thinking of potentially going as well. Perhaps we could carpool?

        • KK4DFU
          KK4DFU commented
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          Sure Steve, I bet we could get a group of us MD folks together to carpool

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        This sounds great! It is far but I'll try to come. I'd love to see how you do things.
        Bob C.
        Kansas City, MO Z6


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          Sounds good! As we get closer to the date I'll know if I can come.

          Maybe you should ask Wills to make this a sticky so all the new members will see it as they join instead of it sinking into obscurity. You can edit the original post as you get more information.
          Darkman AKA Charles in Pensacola South of I-10 zone 8b/9a


          • eboone
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            or maybe a sticky note labeled 2015 Fig Festivals with links to all that get announced - there will likely be others

          • Hershell
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            Charles, do you pick up hitchikers?

          • Darkman
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            You are always welcome. I'm glad you are thinking of going. That will be a great weekend.

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          Dennis, I have it penciled in for August.
          newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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            Maj DJ,
            I will definitely make an effort. Thanks for hosting.
            jimmie aka JD | tallahassee.fl | zone.8b | davistating.eBay


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              I just realized something! Bug girl is getting married on the 16th so hopefully that will not be the date. There is no way I can miss that wedding.
              NC Zone 7a-b


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                That is a kind invitation, not much could tempt me to leave Maine during one of the kindest months of the year, but this does! I'd love to see(taste) your collection first-hand.
                My kid brother lives in Charlotte too, he'll be scratching his head wondering why I'd want to come south for a visit in high summer...
                it's da figs, bro!
                Jesse in western Maine, zone 4/5
                Wishlist- earliest maincrop varieties


                • Chrisk
                  Chrisk commented
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                  Ok now Jesse. If we could only get you to bring a cooler full of cold water Lobstas!
                  Da figs and da Labstas!!!!! Now that's a party!

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                We need to start a want and give list for exchanges. Maybe start some cuttings now and they would be potted and growing by then.
                Darkman AKA Charles in Pensacola South of I-10 zone 8b/9a


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                  For those who are thinking about coming to this event, there is so much to do while here in Charlotte. Here are a few places I like to visit:

                  1. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden:
                  This place is absolutely gorgeous! It's located in Belmont, about 30 mins from my place in Charlotte. Parking is free! It is kid friendly-- just make sure to stop by KFC or your favorite food place and bring food with you! This place is a one huge garden of Eden! Which means, you will be walking a lot. You will get hungry and thristy! They have a huge tropical greenhouse that is out of this world beautiful! But I can't stress enough to bring a picnic basket with you! We visited a few years back and brought a KFC dinner bucket and sides and left it in the car. They have several patio tables with tables and chairs but no restaurant. When we were there, folks kept stopping by asking us where we got the food. They were shocked to learn there were no restaurants at of near the garden. Plus this place is way out in the boonies! We felt sorry for one family with kids and shared our food because the kids really wanted something to eat. But the garden is truly an amazing place to visit! They do have a few large fig trees and offer classes on how to care for fruit trees. But if you go, remember ---bring food with you or will be eating candy at their general store!

                  2. Discovery Place
                  This place is located downtown Charlotte. You will have to pay for parking. It is super kid friendly! They have a lot of play things that allow kids to walk up to and try. It's very nice museum!

                  3. NASCAR Hall of Fame
                  Located downtown just a few block from Discovery Place. There is also an ice skating rink next door. If you're a racing fan, you gotta see it!

                  4. Historic Latta Plantation
                  This is a great place for history buffs. It's located north of Charlotte about 15 from my house. My wife and I do the horseback riding every time we go! We love horses! However, you have to make reservations in advance so plan according. Horseback riding is with a small group of about 10. the ride last 45 mins. It is a nice relaxing thing to do. All of the trails are covered by trees.

                  5. Bank of America Stadium - Home of the Carolina Panthers!
                  There isn't much here except a football stadium and a general store to buy authentic Panther gear. But folks come and take pictures outside the stadium. You have to pay for parking unless visiting the store, then its free. I work right next door to the stadium.

                  6. McGuire Nuclear power plant
                  Charlotte is home to the largest energy company in the USA, Duke Energy Inc. Duke is also my employer. One of our power plant has a mini museum that's pretty nice to visit. Folks come from all around and visit and learn about how energy is produced. It is located north west of the city, about 30 minutes from my place.

                  These are just a few places I've visited and really enjoyed. There are so many other things to do!
                  Here is a link on additional things to do: http://www.charlottesgotalot.com/101...o-in-charlotte

                  no date chosen yet for the festival------more to come......

                  Charlotte, North Carolina/Zone 8a
                  Cutting/air layer wish list: Kesariani
                  Charlotte, NC /Zone 8a


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                    Hopefully it'll be the fifteenth... the other two dates bracket our opening week of school and Im usually a bit frazzled that week