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  • Lesson learned

    So because I wasn't patient in waiting to put my tree outside again after winter all of my tree died back to the soil line. When the weather seemed warm enough a cold front came through last month while I was at work. One last gotcha from ole mother nature. So no figs for me this year.

    The Nero 600m, Olympia, Galicia Negra, and unk are making a come back. My Preto is probably toast however. It's the only one not pushing up new growth since the die back.
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    I feel your pain. I had some in ground ones with good growth. A low spot in my growing area always takes a hit when marginal temps/heavy frost are in the forecast. I didn't even bother with a 33-34 ° forecast. I woke up to a heavy frost that looked like snow. My Black Madeira, Raspberry Latte, St. Gabrial, O'Rourke and LSU Tiger got hit hard. While all were undoubtly set back at least a couple months, the Raspberry Latte, LSU Purple and O'Rourke died back to the ground and are struggling to catch up to the rest of my figs.
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      I brought my figs out on 3/27 in Renton. And the very next day some serious hail came down. Mother nature has jokes.

      03/26/16 All of my indoor figs have been leafing out, but I've been hesitant about bringing them outdoors even though it's technically spr...

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        you gentlemen should never send your children outside to play without proper coats and shoes


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          Yep. Moved about 80% of mine out on May 1 and left for a week's trip out of state on May 2 (left that morning after doctor visit). Hail struck about 4:30pm. Only reason I still have figs is because Lovely Wife lugged them all back into the greenhouse for me. (Yep, she's a keeper!)
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            I am a impatient person as well and could see stuff like this happening to myself. Glad to hear most of them are recovering for you. It is hard to see stuff like that happen after you put so much effort into helping them grow. Mother nature can get crazy sometimes.
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