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  • Granular Limestone as a Mulch

    Hello everyone,

    I was watching the video of Martha Stewart's Belleclare visit, and I noticed something interesting... the DiPaolo brothers mulch all their pots with an inch to an inch and a half of granular limestone. I also read somewhere (I can't remember where) that someone puts granular limestone at the bottom of their pots . Similar to how you would put stones or bark at the bottom to improve drainage. What do you guys think? Has anyone done either of these and had significant results?

    Link to the video: http://www.marthastewart.com/907952/fabulous-figs

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    I use crushed oyster shell for chickens. It looks like crushed limestone, not like oyster shells. It helps hold moisture in better than bark or wood chips. Figs seem happy.


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      Ross, don't put bark in the bottom of your pots, I tried that, the roots will get caught all through the bark, and in my experience it chokes the roots and then you have to individually remove each bark chip when you root prune eventually, no positive benefit in my view.
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        I'm gonna try it instead of mulch. I did use bark at the bottom of my pots last year, but it's a little unnecessary because now I just put my figs as deep as I can in their pots.
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          Even with large pine bark chunks my pots developed a swampy mess at the bottom. And I heartily approve of putting you established figs as deep as they'll go in your pot, especially if you live in a cold winter area or you might forget to water.

          Limestone mulch is for those who don't have to move their pots
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            That's a good point. I just spent 1.5 hours moving my 5 gallon containers back out of the garage this morning. I'd hate for them to have been any heavier, lol.