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  • Romano-NERO-fig-plant

    Does anyone know about this fig variety or its seller. It is a 6 inch plant for $105 delv'd out of California.

    I have Nero 600M and Nero (Richard Watts) and wondered if they are the same as or how similar they are to the above.
    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b

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    I would be concerned, after seeing spelling errors, and the 80 dollar price for his panache. The listing says 15 cm plants- that's not even 6 inches tall
    Hi my name is Art. I buy fig cuttings-so I can grow more figs-so I can sell more figs-so I can buy more fig cuttings-so I can grow more figs....


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      Not to seem pessimistic but I think the 1st question should be whether this is a Known or Trusted Vendor.

      And Nero simply means Black or Dark.
      Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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        yeah agree with the trusted seller part. I have seen that photo used in a few different listings for both trees and cuttings, from different sellers, including different sellers from other countries. I came close to buying one once, then decided to back out at the last second after google searching the photo.
        Chris NE Philadelphia


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          I agree with cdeguida4. I think that is a scam. I definitely wouldn't touch that sale.

          That's the stock image for Monrovia Black Jack figs.

          If you ever want to google an image, just go to http://google.com/images and drag the photo onto the page.
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          Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Black Celeste


          • AscPete
            AscPete commented
            Editing a comment
            Maybe its just a renamed Black Jack...

            If it waddles and quacks...

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          I bought cuttings on ebey Romano Nero. Low quality cuttings. I do not expect any success.