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  • Maybe a sigh of relief... is Winter over in Pensacola

    Man I am tired of doing the fig shuffle along with the other plants too. I think I have shuffled for the last time this year. I am not expecting any more freezes but I wasn't expecting the last three either. Been a nasty Winter with wild temperature swings. The forecasters have blown the lows many times this year.

    I looked at all of my in ground figs yesterday and they all have small green leaves or swollen green buds. The leaves are so tiny when they first unfurl. I don't think I have any significant branch dieback either. I'll know for sure in a few weeks. I have already added about 8" of new leaves to start decomposing and feeding my figs.

    Here is a list of my Inground varieties:

    JH Adriatic
    TX BA1 (false)
    LSU Gold
    Italian Strawberry ( really an unknown but that is how it was represented)
    Petit Negri
    Celeste (heirloom from TJ)
    Col de Dam Noir
    Green Ischia

    Potted Varieties partial list:

    Bethlehem Black
    LSU Purple
    Verdal Louge
    Cajun Gold
    Black Mission
    Craigs Green
    Emerald Strawberry
    Gold Rush

    I hope this year I'll have good fruit set and less bird and squirrel predation. Many of these varieties I have not been able to taste yet and I'm hopeful this will be the year. Having walked with FMD in his orchard and sampled some really awesome tasting figs I find it excruciatingly difficult to wait BUT I can't speed it up.

    Anyone eating the tree rats? Tree Rats with a splendid fig sauce! Could solve some of my problems. Would that require a White or Red or just Southern Sweet Tea?

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    Darkman AKA Charles in Pensacola South of I-10 zone 8b/9a

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    Birds and squirrels-squirrels are easily eliminated. But birds are relentless. Only nets seem to keep them out.
    Zone 10b, Miami, FL


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      Rafael, how do you deal with squirrels?

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    We had only about one week of winter here. Lots of days in the 80s, and not much rain - but more than last year. Yesterday it was in the high 80s. It wouldn't be a surprise if this has been our warmest winter on record.

    Most figs are beginning to leaf out,, but not all of them, fortunately; since I still have some transplanting to do.

    Fig predators here are birds, ground squirrels, rats (?) and the worst - raccoons. Those will get through almost anything.
    SoCal, zone 10.
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      Glorious day here in Tally, with temps in the mid 70’s. Tomorrow 80’s. Figs and blueberries are starting to leaf out. Earthboxes prepped for the new season. Birds a-twittering. Perfect.

      But don't count out one last freeze, Charles.
      Frank Tallahasee 8B
      North Florida Figs


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        Frank, I use the Kania 2000, well worth the investment. Squirrels were hiding their bloody acorns in my containers, then digging them out and damaging my roots, no more. :-)
        Zone 10b, Miami, FL


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          My peaches are starting to leaf out and the flower buds look like they are about to pop. Local cherry trees are starting to flower as well. It won't be long now!
          Coastal NC, humid 8A