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  • Visitor message link goes to forum home

    I was honored to receive a visitor message from Gina (or was that a ban warning :- ) but I can't read it. Under notifications I see "Gina has left you a Visitor Message" and the words "Visitor Message" are a link. But instead of being a link to her message it's a link to the forum home page. I'll paste it below but I don't know if the links will remain active.

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    Bob C.
    Kansas City, MO Z6

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    My PM/messages have been messed up from the beginning. Not sure if it still is. I don't believe I knowingly left a visitor message for you, though we did exchange PMs the past week or so ago, and I still don't fully understand the current system.

    This is my last message to you a few days ago.

    PMs ? 03-05-2015
    Hi Did you PM me today? My messages I don't think are working properly. If you did, can you please re-send it?

    Thanks, Gina
    There is a ghost in the machine.
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      I had a visitor message, and it seemed to work ok. I find the visitor message function to be non-intuitive though. I suppose it's like leaving a post on someone's wall (like in FB), but it's pretty easy to lose track of the visitor message.
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        Bob I checked on it and the visitor messages are working as intended though don't find them terribly useful. My guess is the program was confused and when that happens it defaults back to the home page.
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          I'm not sure what you mean but if you hover over 'visitor message' above, you can see that it links to www.ourfigs,com
          Bob C.
          Kansas City, MO Z6


          • WillsC
            WillsC commented
            Editing a comment

            It is a glitch......if you leave a visitor message for someone it does not always link to the home page.......yours did because it was a glitch in the program and because the computer could not find the actual message (because it did not exist) it defaults to the home page.