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  • Fiorone di Ruvo

    Fiorone di Ruvo! As always, please share any experiences or photos you may have.

    A San Pedro type with extra large fruit. Originally from Southern Italy. There isn't a ton of info on this one...

    Being from Southern Italy, it seems to do best it hot climates. Does not seem to be at all hardy. Some anecdotal reports state the flavor is not as good in cooler climates, but others state the fruits are still sweet and the size more than makes up for the lesser flavor.

    Most plants have a unique growth habit with semi-weeping branches. I've seen them described as 'helicopter blades', it has a nice ornamental appearance.

    Sweet fruits, I have not ready anything indicating they are particularly flavorful though. Brown skin (can be ugly) and pinkish brown interior. Ripens June/July in mid-Atlantic. Fruits ooze honey from eye when ripe.

    Overall, it may not be the best variety for cooler climates except as a novelty. I will still trial this variety here in my breba project if my cuttings root.

    Some pictures:
    SE PA
    Zone 6

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    I absolutely loved it, was one of the best of the new arrivals last season.
    Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


    • mountainfigs
      mountainfigs commented
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      Good flavor? What would you compare it to?

    • Kelby
      Kelby commented
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      Hopefully it will do well for me then!

    • WillsC
      WillsC commented
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      I am bad at comparing the fruit to anything For me it was quite good. I would rank it second only to Zingarella in last years additions.

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    In my zone, FDR will be wean out. Its taste is not up to my expectations. Have given it 3 seasons bearing figs. Time for
    a new home.


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      I made a mistake........the fig that was one of the best new arrivals this last year was Sao Miguel Roxo NOT Firone De Ruvo.
      Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


      • Kelby
        Kelby commented
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        Do you have FdR though?

      • Fig-Doctor
        Fig-Doctor commented
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        Sao Miguel Roxo rock! I am glad I have one.

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      Adding to this thread. This is a bifere and not San pedro type. I get two crops from it in Seattle.

      Breba Crop - 155grams
      This monster fig is known as the Fiorone Di Ruvo. It's a grafted fig on a Gillette Rootstock.  It's a going on yr 2.5. So far I've been impr...

      Main Crop - 63 grams
      October Fig Fest 2017 The beginning of October marks a great time for ripe Main Crop figs! One the plat today  Black Madeira, Valle ...

      Ben B.
      Seattle, WA



      • JohannsGarden
        JohannsGarden commented
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        Hi Ben, any chance you could post leaf photos of your 'Fiorone de Ruvo' (or could anyone else post some)? A friend and I got a 'Gillette' from you a few years back (apparently you only had one available at the time so that's why we shared it). I've had it in a large pot and it is now ripening its first breba, but it's developing a lot of pigment. After taking a critical look I also realize the lobes of the leaves are consistently narrow unlike 'Gillette'. Given that you had been using 'Gillette' as rootstock for a number of other cultivars I'm wondering if the "Gillette" we got was accidentally propagated from a different variety that had been grafted onto a 'Gillette'. Of the grafts mentioned on your blog only 'Fiorone de Ruvo' seems like a possibility right now. I can get a pic of the breba once it's a bit more ripe (only one right now as I accidentally broke the others off while moving it this spring).