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  • Grafting in Extremis

    We've come to the end of our warm weather season here on the Left Coast... hello, summer in May! It'll be in the triple-digits the entire week here, but hopefully it won't exceed the high of 108* that is currently forecast. (The family hasn't quite acclimated to the extreme heat yet.)

    Unfortunately, I've yet to exhaust the scion stockpile that I had earmarked for grafting. And while I can move some of the smaller caliper trees indoors to aid their grafts taking, I have some cultivars that I only have massive 2" diameter scion available to me, and which I intend to use a four-flap technique to graft them, so these will have to be performed on in-ground trees.

    So, I am about to push the envelope a bit and see what is actually possible in the way of successful grafting during the heat of summer.

    Here's hoping for a positive outcome,
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    You have such interesting grafting experiences! I ran out and bought a 5' brown turkey to practice grafting to (thanks to you and your grafting posts). I thought my success rate will be higher if I used a younger rootstock? It seems like most people are grafting to smaller trees trunks, not big tree trunks. That and I can move it around if I need to.
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      Isn't Blue so inspiring with his shared grafting experiences?! I think I am going to give this grafting thing another shot as well now too.. Say a small prayer for my poor Celeste trees that I rooted in over abundance last summer (newbie rooting frenzy lol)..

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    Wow! It sure is getting hot out there Blue! I had no idea that NorCal ever hit temps that high.. Geez you guys are hotter than Phoenix right now! Are these common temps for you this time of year out there? I guess I should stop complaining about the "heat wave" I came home to yesterday here in the Northeast (low 90's) after reading your post! Lol!

    So you've inspired me (once again, you seem to have that knack Blue 😉) to give grafting another shot.. Is the 4 flap method the same as the "banana peel" method? That one seemed pretty simple and straightforward, I think I will give it a try as well.. Wish me luck! I certainly wish you luck as well too Blue!! If anyone can pull off extreme temp grafting successfully, it's you 👍👍👍👍👍😉
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