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  • Pons Earliest Main Crop Cultivars

    I gleaned these cultivars and dates from Pons' book though may have missed some, Pons earliest main crops:

    June / August
    breba / main CULTIVARS

    05 / 02 De Tres Esplets
    20 / 02 Gota De Mel
    --- / 02 Moellada
    --- / 05 Porquenca Negra
    20 / 06 Verdal Siciliana
    --- / 06 Planera
    --- / 08 Negra Primerenca
    04 / 10 Manresa

    In the photos in Pons' book, De Tres Esplets, Moellada, and Porquenca Negra all look similar to Ronde de Bordeaux, though none may be. Whether any are or not, I wonder if they and Gota De Mel would ripen on or about the same time as Ronde de Bordeaux, Improved Celeste, Marseilles, and Florea? Or even earlier. Gota De Mel looks somewhat similar to Marseilles, a light honey fig.

    I added Manresa to the list because of its very early breba, the earliest Pons breba of which I'm aware. Manresa has a rather early main crop too, and Pons records at least six other cultivars' ripening main crop at the same time as Manresa.

    Link to Gota De Mel photos that look similar to the ones in Pons book:
    Figs Hunter, Figs Farmer in Asia and Europe, Figs Lover Community, Figs Cutting and Fruit For Sell in World, Figs Ficus Carica
    Tony WV 6b

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    Thanks for sharing, Tony. This may help in future auctions by Wills.

    Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


    • mountainfigs
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      Would be exciting to grow these side by side by side to compare, not only timing but productivity, taste, and so on.

    • fitzski
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      i'm not sure i have enough in the fig budget right now to afford them all.

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    In what zone are those dates applicable?
    What are the first and last frost dates, lowest temperatures and average daily temps?
    IMO, the ripening "dates" should always be put in context of location and zone.
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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    Adds Gota De Mel to his want list....thanks a lot Tony
    Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


    • Jamie0507
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      YES!!! Guess who just successfully rooted 2 Gota del Mels??? Thats right, it was this girl!!!! Lol!! Yay! I finally get to send you something on your wishlist!! Woooohooooo!!! Ok I better not get @@@@y now, or I could accidentally ice it b4 its ready to be shipped & then I'd be heartbroken 😔.. So Wills, provided I don't bring the 2nd rooted GdM cutting to a watery premature death lol, I should have one to send to you in about a month or so 😉👍👍👍

    • WillsC
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      Wow thanks Jamie

    • Jamie0507
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      You're so very welcome Wills 😁 Been watching your WL (along with a few others 😉) hoping for the chance to return your kindness one of these days.. Hopefully I didnt jinx myself now lol, but so far so good 👍👍.. I'll keep ya posted over the next few weeks for sure

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    If I'm not mistaken both Greenfin and Harvey(Figaholics) have Manressa and Planera.
    Also here's a link with quite a few pics of Gota de Mels. Perhaps some of the best detail pics I've seen. However I'm not sure if it's the same fig or what. This one has red pulp, could it be because it was pollinated?
    John Z5 Wish list:


    • mountainfigs
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      Word of caution on this: apparently there are a lot of Gota de Mels aka Pingo de Mels ... means Drop of Honey ... and there are apparently a number of different cultivars that go by this name. Some are early, some are late, etc. Needless to say, if you have a Gota or Pingo de Mel it may or may not be Pons' Gota de Mel.