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  • Need help with wild fig ID

    My brother recently bought a farm near Redding, California, and we've found a lot of abandoned homesteads in the area that date to the early 1900s. A few of these still have fig trees nearby that were planted by the original owners. I've successfully taken cuttings from each, but none has given me fruit yet, and I have no idea what variety each one is.

    Anyone have any ideas, based on the leaves alone? The first is probably a Brunswick, and the second looks like a Mission to me, but I'm just guessing based on what varieties were common in California 100 years ago. I have no idea about the third. Any guesses?
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    The 3rd one looks an awful lot like Celeste to me. The 2nd one does look Mission like. But you'll know much better when you see fruits.
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      I'm an hour south of Redding... in that we have the wasp here, viable seeds have been scattered throughout the countryside by every form of animal. We literally have hundreds of wild trees growing across the landscape here. I know of one that is over thirty feet across, growing on the side of a freeway overpass.

      So, it's probably even odds that they were volunteers rather than intentionally planted... but, those that were planted that far back were likely of Mission or a Mission sport heritage.

      The Igo cultivar was discovered just east of Redding.

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        I agree with thinking the third reminds me of Celeste But I really wanted to say, "Redding is beautiful". I visited two summers ago. It was amazing! Also checked out Shasta mountain! You all have it pretty good out there