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    Has anyone figured out this "Visitor Message" feature yet?
    Someone sent me one 2 days ago, but I never saw it or received any indication of it anywhere. However, when I did a search for all posts from that person, it came up on the list and I was able to see it. But it looks "orphaned" -- I can't seem to drill down and find it through any means. The only way I knew about it was that the person sent me a PM on a different forum.
    For the time being I disabled Visitor Messages so it doesn't happen again.
    While searching for it I did come across another thread related to Visitor Messaging and funky behavior...so maybe the kinks aren't quite worked out.
    Thanks in advance!
    Jim -- Central NJ, Zone 6b

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    I always see the number of messages at the top of the home page, I click on messages and it takes me to the "message center." If there is an unread message in my inbox, it will show it. If I have read the message, it will show "no new messages." The only thing is, the message center counts as messages any replies to my posts or threads. So those will appear as separate items under my inbox. I had not heard of these "visitor messages."
    Zone 10b, Miami, FL


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      I had been having trouble (some messages weirdly disappeared), but it seems to be working now. I think.
      As someone in another thread said, 'it's not intuitive'.

      edit: I was referring to PMs, not visitor messages.
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      SoCal, zone 10.
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        Yeah, the PMs seem to be well-behaved, although perhaps not in a way that folks are used to.
        The "Visitor Messages" are another beast entirely. They're a cross between a post and a private message -- almost like a "private post" if you will.
        Jim -- Central NJ, Zone 6b