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  • Whole Foods Fig tree's

    Saturday Morning I was on my way to pick up my dog from a routine vet checkup and was driving past my local Whole Foods when I noticed from a good distance small plants for sale. Something told me they were fig tree's so I pulled in and sure enough they were (I was a solid 100 yards away at least lol). They had a few varieties to offer which is pretty standard basic cultivars nothing crazy, but for the size would make good root stock for grafting. They had Celeste, Italian Honey, Hardy Chicago, Black Spanish, and Black Mission.

    Needless to say I came home with more than just the dog, I grabbed a Italian Honey, Hardy Chicago, Black Spanish. Not sure what a Black Spanish is exactly but since it had ripening Breba on it I couldn't resist, and they were $19.99 for a decent sized 2-3 foot tree all producing main crop figs. The money spent was worth the reaction alone from the little lady at home, she was more than confused how I went to go pick up a dog and came back with three trees and the dog.
    Chris NE Philadelphia

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    ohhh thanks for the tip will check my store to see if they got any


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      It's crazy how more aware of figs you become once you have the fig fever. I have lived in my house for almost 3 years and gone for walks and never noticed fig trees before. Since I have gotten the fig fever, I have spotted a few trees in my neighborhood.

      My husband might hurt me if I get any more fig trees 😂.

      Zone 5B: Rotterdam, NY



      • Sarahkt
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        It's so true. Never noticed figs before a few years ago, didn't even know what they looked like, and now I can't walk the dog without spotting 10 or 15 figs around the neighborhood. I even have a fig tree circuit -- there are five or six blocks one can purposely take.

        They're everywhere in my city. My neighbor sharing the back fence has an ENORMOUS one, the neighbor to the right also has one and has shared cuttings. Even while driving around, it's like having ADD: "Ooh! Fig tree!"

      • cdeguida4
        cdeguida4 commented
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        yeah it's crazy how aware I spot them in peoples yards driving, and if I walk through the old Italian neighborhoods in south philly they are everywhere peeking over fences mostly not cared for from previous homeowners.

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      My wife and I were at Whole Foods this past weekend, she spotted them and quickly said, "we don't need anymore fig trees".
      Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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        Every year when this thread is posted I run to my local store (be it Whole Foods / Trader Joes) and they never have them, likely never will. Kevin.... say it isn't so.... don't need anymore... how is that possible!!!
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        • fitzski
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          unfortunately, she finally caught on to how many fig trees we have. And I'm kind of starting to agree with her ( i know bite my tongue). I have no idea how I'm going store all these fig trees this winter. my 12x8 GH is starting to look too small. Very glad I went with the 12x8 vs the 8x8 i was initially thinking about.

          Next year a few will be going in-ground so that should help.
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        The Whole Food stores in my area just have Black Mission fig trees. Here we are in "fig paradise" and that's all that is offered. Is it a failure of education, imagination, or something else? The wonderful Ronde de Bordeaux is ripening now; big, dark, delicious, little cherry bombs of flavor. Only the people on the fig forums know how good it is (and every critter for miles around).
        Mara, Southern California,
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          Just came back from the WF in my area--anyone nearby who's looking, the Whole Foods in Vienna (off Main ST) has Italian Honey, Hardy Chicago, Celeste, and "Black Spanish"--that one has the picture that everyone uses for Petit Negri. They're all pretty tall for a 2-gallon container and most have figlets.
          Zone 7a in Virginia


          • cdeguida4
            cdeguida4 commented
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            yeah I figured for $20 or less it couldn't be much better for a few varieties I didn't have or even well established root stock if those turned out to be not so desirable.

            I got to say they are going fast too because in the day I bought them I went back the next day to pick up one more, and more than half of their inventory were gone, and the manager told me the first day I went they had just received them only hours before I was there the first time.

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          It seems the Whole Foods in my area (Northern Virginia) is also selling small fig trees but they are labeled as "fig tree" and not specific as to what variety they are. Is there a way to narrow down what it could be based on the leaves at such a young age?


          • TahomaGuy2
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            I would ask the person (manager) who ordered the fig plants from a distributor. They would know better than anyone. Worked for me!

          • JCT
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            Unfortunately, for most varieties it is 'no'.

          • spiff2
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            That sounds like when I was growing up and people had fig trees and a garden. There just a fig and 2 different tomatoes, sandwich and tommy toe.

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          I guess I will be heading to Whole Foods tomorrow near me just to "see" if they have fig trees too.
          Joe - Zone 6B in Pennsylvania


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            My very first Fig Tree came from the local Whole Foods in 2016 -- a Hardy Chicago. The following year I bought a Celeste there. Then all the Whole Foods in the area stopped bringing in fig trees.

            The other varieties they used to carry up here were Italian Honey, LSU Purple, and Brown Turkey.
            “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Source Unknown MA 5b/6a
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              This week my local Whole Foods had Celeste, BT and Little Miss Figgy.
              Piney Point Village, Zone 8b
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                I read this in the morning so i rushed to whole foods today after work and they had nothing. Been looking for that italian honey fig.
                Johnston RI 6a