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  • Unknown Varieties List

    This is a thread to aid in the topic of unknown figs that you either want help identifying, or failing that, a platform to help elevate them to the known varieties list.

    Please post information about the unknown fig in a separate thread (not this thread), then post the link of that thread here. Include zone, culture, descriptions, habit, photos, and whatever other information you think pertinent. Using this order will make it easier to compare the "fields" or categories, and will also make it easier to place in a database if warranted. Thanks.

    Leaf Descriptions
    Fig Descriptions
    Growth Habits

    Discussions about dealing with unknowns at OurFigs. com:


    Separate threads with information about specific unknown figs.

    Unknown BryantDark http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...own-bryantdark
    Unknown Pastilliere http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...wn-pastilliere
    Frank's Fig Unknown http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...varieties-list
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    Frank's Fig Unknown

    Information on Frank's Fig Unknown can be found in this thread:
    PREAMBLE: I posted this originally with the intent of adding a fig to the Varieties List. The title of the thread was originally "Frank's Fig Unknown"

    (Don't be thrown off by the title of that thread... the first few posts in it contain information and photos of this variety. In the interests of avoiding duplication or multiple-sourcing of information, I'm not replicating the info elsewhere). Feel free to comment on it, or to post your photos of it if you're growing this one)
    Mike -- central NY state, zone 5a -- pauca sed matura


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      Mike, I just added 'Frank's Fig Unknown' to the front of the thread title in your link.

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      Thanks Gina.

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    Jason's Unknown Black Ischia

    This an unknown found several years ago by a member of F4F and circulated among members. Initially people thought it was a FMV free black Ischia but later it was felt to be Negretta by Vasile.

    Zone 6a, SW PA
    Culture Grown in a 5g SIP, fig shuffle started in the second week of April.
    Leaf Descriptions This one has reddish stems on most of the leaves.
    Fig Descriptions this is one of the best I have tasted, if allowed to get wrinkled and ripe. Rich, sweet, berry like flavor. A smaller very dark purple fig, pink to red interior, skin thin.
    Growth Habits average vigor. Was quite productive, starting to bear on Aug 23 and continuing till frost.

    Initial post by Jason on F4F: http://figs4funforum.websitetoolbox....son's&trail=50
    Link to topic on JUBI on F4F: http://figs4funforum.websitetoolbox....pid=1283668333
    Link to discussion on Negretta vs JUBI on Our Figs: https://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-home/87376-negretta

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	141890

    Click image for larger version

Name:	JUBI interior.JPG
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ID:	141891

    Typical leaves are more like the first of the leaf pics, but there is some variability.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	jubi leaf1.jpg
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ID:	141892Click image for larger version

Name:	jubi leaf2.jpg
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ID:	141893
    SW PA zone 6a


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      This is a fig plant obtained as a cutting from Encanto Farms during early winter of 2014. There is not much data on it on the forums, and it is not in the Our Figs variety list (yet), so I wanted to add some information.

      Zone: 6A, Southwest PA

      Culture: Grown in a 4G SIP since the second year

      Leaf Descriptions: See photo below – to me looks like a typical Mt Etna variety, 5 lobes, the center lobe is wider distally than at its base, leaves are on the thicker side.

      Fig Descriptions: smaller sized dark purple figs with red interior, in appearance indistinguishable from other figs considered to be ‘Mt Etna’ varieties like Hardy Chicago or MBvs. Taste wise, the first season of figs they had a more acid or citrusy type of flavor than the 4 other ‘Mt Etna’ varieties I had to compare them with, but last season the flavor seemed indistinguishable from them.

      Growth Habits: quite productive for a plant in a 4g SIP.

      I have only exterior pictures at this time but will try to add to this during this 2017 fig season.

      Link to post I made on Old Brooklyn Italian in past: https://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-h...n-italian-2015

      The F4F site has no photos in the database but this description:
      [A] mature, very strong and incredibly fruitful fig tree which was transplanted in Brooklyn NY from Italy approximately thirty years ago. Every season this tree easily yields 1500 figs and that number continues to increase every year as the tree continues to mature and rapidly grow in height. Approximately six years ago the tree trunks were cut down to approx 12" and since that time the tree has grown so rapidly that it is now almost 20 feet tall and yielding approx 1500 sweet figs every season beginning in June. The fig bulbs grow green and then mature to a soft juicy sweet deep purple in color. They generally range in size from approx 2" to 3" in thickness.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	obi ext.png
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	obi leaf.png
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      SW PA zone 6a


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        Nice looking fig....
        Tony - Zone 6A
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