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  • Zumwalt Fig

    Zumwalt 2nd year in a 5 gallon. May be the same or similar to Desert King. It was actually really good my wife and I put it near the top. A very sweet berry flavor with a acidic aftertaste .9/10
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    That looks great, is it breba or main?
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    • COGardener
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      That was going to be my question....

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      Looks very tasty, but probably isnt dessert king, The Main crop wouldn't look that good =) here's what my DK main crop looked like last yr

      Ben B.
      Seattle, WA



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        Brian lives in Fresno and has the wasp. You don't. His figs are always going to look and taste better than ours.
        Bob C.
        Kansas City, MO Z6


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          Technically, it's not just about how the wasp impacts flavor, in general. San Pedro figs require fertilization to ripen the main crop. So here in RI, like there in Seattle, we get good brebas on Zumwalt but no ripe main crop figs.

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        So is Zumwalt Desert King?
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        • jrdewhirst
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          I don't think we know for sure. I'm a "lumper" by nature, so I lean toward yes. But the very knowledgeable grower I bought it from says no. In any case they are very similar.

          I vaguely remember a story about a guy in the Navy who planted a fig tree wherever he was stationed, naming it anew each time after something Navy. Hence Zumwalt. If this story is right, then Zumwalt is a synonym for something. DK would seem the leading candidate.

          I think there was also some speculation that the breba buds on Zumwalt may be more cold hardy than the buds on DK. I haven't really tested my Zumwalt in sub-freezing temps and I don't own DK, so I can't comment.

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        I believe I recall it is a sport of Desert King


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          Originally posted by binbin9 View Post
          ...probably isnt dessert king, The Main crop wouldn't look that good =) here's what my DK main crop looked like last yr
          Ben, here in the Land of Blastophaga, Desert King's main crop looks just a might different than that in the PNW...
          . Click image for larger version

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            Got zumwalta. Very fast growing And wonderful fruits tasting. Needs less water. In my zone. But a work horse tree.
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