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  • Multiple T buds on a branch

    Nice to find this forum with people who probably understand why I rudely interrupt conversation while riding in the car with "Hey it's a fig tree!"

    I have an unknown yellow fig with established roots that I would like to graft to. There are about eight broomstick diameter trunks on it each about 5 feet long and I would like to change half of those to another variety. Since I have the itch to do it soon, I need a graft that works in growing season and T Bud seems like a good choice. The videos I've seen show one T bud on a single small trunk which gets pruned away later. Any reason I should not do 3 or more T buds on each of the trunks I'm going to switch to a new variety? I'm thinking it will give me more tree mass sooner.
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    From what I know I think you have the right idea.
    A week or two ago put 4 T bud grafts on the main trunk and a saddle graft (I had the scion and spot available so why not try it?) on a branch of a Smyrna type unknown I have that grows strong roots and veg. Hopefully some take, the scion was from a branch about the thickness of a pencil so I'm sure if it were bigger that would have been beneficial.
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      Welcome and best of luck with your grafting!
      Bob C.
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