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  • Free Mature Ponytail Palm / Elephant Foot Tree. Local San Diego pick-up only.

    I needed to remove a mature Ponytail Palm (also known as an Elephant Foot Tree), Beaucarnea recurvata, from the side of my house, and would like to offer it to a local San Diego grower who would be able to pick it up and transport it to its new home. I purchased it as a tiny indoor plant more than a decade ago in a 6" pot at Home Depot. Not knowing anything about the variety at the time, I assumed it was a relatively small plant that would look nice in a thin strip next to the fence on the side of my house. Fast forward to today, and the base of the tree was in the process of destroying the fence so it had to be removed. The tree is about 8 feet tall, and the bulbous base is about 3 feet in diameter. Because of the size of the base, the tree is VERY heavy, and will take at least 2 extremely strong people or 3 normal people to move it. The tree has been bare rooted, with most of the roots surviving intact, and currently the roots are covered with a blanket and wet down once or twice a day to keep them viable.

    The ponytail Palm is a relatively slow grower, and is very drought tolerant when established, needing no additional water to survive, and only a minimal amount of additional water here in San Diego to encourage continued growth. It is actually a succulent, not a true palm, and is currently threatened in the wild in its native habitat in Mexico . Because of its slow growth, it would be fairly expensive to try to purchase a mature specimen such as this if your were able to find one. I am hoping someone here will be able to give it a good home so I will not have to chop it up and throw it away. If interested in the tree let me know so we can arrange pick-up. Thanks!

    Ponytail Palm 1.jpg

    Ponytail Palm 2.jpg

    Ponytail Palm 3.jpg
    Richard - San Diego 10a

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    If the distance of our houses were half, I would be there! But just a tad too far. I know exactly where I would put it. Hopefully it goes to a good home!
    Jaime - Orange County, CA 10a (coastal)


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      DrDraconian , if no one here is able to pick it up, maybe you can post it on Facebook marketplace or Nextdoor. It would be so sad if you have to chop it up.
      C.Florida 9B WL: I-258 , Black Ischia, Ham Rham, Ghoudane , Moro de Caneva