As usual, I have to clear up as much space as possible, and have a bunch of stuff that has to go NOW. Local San Diego pick up only, I don't have time to deal with shipping even for the stuff that might be small enough. If it's not claimed on ourfigs by Sunday night, it's going to the curb, and if not taken by the end of the week from the curb, it all goes in the trash. Whats available:

Plumeria, 2 gal, red flower
Gogi berry, 5 gal, x2
Stanford caprifig (small), 1 gal
Mint, 1 gal x2
Macadamia nut tree, 5 gal (x1 3' tall and x3 small)
Rooted dragon fruit, Physical Graffiti, x1 3gal and x2 1gal

Dragon fruit cuttings (a box of each)
Halley's Comet
Physical Graffiti

Green (not lignified) Black Packistan mulberry cuttings
Need to prune (again!), so will cut as desired.

If you have any interest, please let me know as soon a possible. Thanks!

Plants.jpg Dragon fruit cuttings.jpg