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  • Many exotic fruit tree scions trade for Genovese Nero AF fig plant

    Hi, I'm looking to trade or buy a Genovese Nero AF fig plant.
    I just don't have time right now to root cuttings.

    Here's what I have available in scions for trade: You can choose multiple varieties:

    Figs - Col de Dame Blanc, Desert King, Panache, Figo Preto, Marseille Black VS,
    Stone fruits - black boy, mid pride, florida prince, tropic snow, artic star, desert dawn, panamint, double delight, flavor grenade, splash, beauty
    Pomegranates - Parfianka, Ariana, Purple Heart, Azadi, Gissarski Rozovyi
    Persimmon - chocolate, coffeecake
    Apples - williams pride, tropic sweet, sundowner(cripps red)
    Asian Pear - hosui, 20th century, daisui
    Loquat - big jim, kanko, champagne
    Mulberry - cooke's pakistan, tice, tehama, thai dwarf, black beauty, maui, jan's best
    Jujube - sugarcane, shanxi li, sihong, tigertooth, confetti, black sea, ga-866, taiwan giant(Indian)
    Guavas - mexican cream, ong, vietnam, taiwan, seedless, ruby supreme
    Pineapple Guava - nazemetz, mammoth, apollo
    Cattley Guava - Large Red, Large Yellow Red
    Star fruit - sri kembangang, bell, b10, kari
    White Sapote - vernon, rainbow, malibu #3, redlands
    Sapodilla - alano, silas woods, makok
    Longan - kohala, biew kiew, sak ip, fortune eye
    Jambolan grafted(java plum)
    Wampee - chi hsin (guy sam / chicken heart), sugar, seedless
    Mexican Garcinia (Luc's)
    Psidium Guineense
    Eugenia - Surinam, Pitangatuba, sweet uvaia
    Barbados Cherry - florida sweet, manoa sweet
    Para Guava
    Many citrus varieties, but can't ship citrus out of AZ.

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    Do you have any jujube suckers to give with a scion?


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      Yes I do.


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        You in AZ?

        Princeton, New Jersey, 6B
        flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/red-sun/albums
        My FigBid: https://www.figbid.com/Listing/Browse?Seller=RedSun


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          I’ve got a spare i258, many think they are the same as GNAF. I’d be interested in anything zone tolerant to 6b. Jujube for example.
          Wish list. White Baca, Kafe Te Jiate, Crozes, Angelito, TD Yellow Crinkle, Brown Sugar Crunch, Algerian Chetoui


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            Yes I'm in Phoenix.