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  • Many exotic fruit tree scions trade for Genovese Nero AF fig plant

    Hi, I'm looking to trade or buy a Genovese Nero AF fig plant.
    I just don't have time right now to root cuttings.

    Here's what I have available in scions for trade: You can choose multiple varieties:

    Figs - Col de Dame Blanc, Desert King, Panache, Figo Preto, Marseille Black VS,
    Stone fruits - black boy, mid pride, florida prince, tropic snow, artic star, desert dawn, panamint, double delight, flavor grenade, splash, beauty
    Pomegranates - Parfianka, Ariana, Purple Heart, Azadi, Gissarski Rozovyi
    Persimmon - chocolate, coffeecake
    Apples - williams pride, tropic sweet, sundowner(cripps red)
    Asian Pear - hosui, 20th century, daisui
    Loquat - big jim, kanko, champagne
    Mulberry - cooke's pakistan, tice, tehama, thai dwarf, black beauty, maui, jan's best
    Jujube - sugarcane, shanxi li, sihong, tigertooth, confetti, black sea, ga-866, taiwan giant(Indian)
    Guavas - mexican cream, ong, vietnam, taiwan, seedless, ruby supreme
    Pineapple Guava - nazemetz, mammoth, apollo
    Cattley Guava - Large Red, Large Yellow Red
    Star fruit - sri kembangang, bell, b10, kari
    White Sapote - vernon, rainbow, malibu #3, redlands
    Sapodilla - alano, silas woods, makok
    Longan - kohala, biew kiew, sak ip, fortune eye
    Jambolan grafted(java plum)
    Wampee - chi hsin (guy sam / chicken heart), sugar, seedless
    Mexican Garcinia (Luc's)
    Psidium Guineense
    Eugenia - Surinam, Pitangatuba, sweet uvaia
    Barbados Cherry - florida sweet, manoa sweet
    Para Guava
    Many citrus varieties, but can't ship citrus out of AZ.

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    Do you have any jujube suckers to give with a scion?


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      Yes I do.


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        You in AZ?

        Princeton, New Jersey, 6B
        flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/red-sun/albums
        My FigBid: https://www.figbid.com/Listing/Browse?Seller=RedSun


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          I’ve got a spare i258, many think they are the same as GNAF. I’d be interested in anything zone tolerant to 6b. Jujube for example.
          Wish list. White Baca, 5 Terre A UNK, Kafe Te Jiate, Crozes, Angelito, TD Yellow Crinkle, Brown Sugar Crunch, Fig Jaune/Jaune d`Escoussans


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            Yes I'm in Phoenix.