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  • Have Great Black and MIB and Craven's Craving for trade

    I have an extra Great Black and a MIB that just rooted. Should be ready in a month or so. Great Black - not known if common or not. So far appears not common. You can read the recent threads on it. My MIB comes from offthebeatenpath nursery. My Great Black from Figaholics. My CC from Tinkerbugfigs.

    My wishlist:
    ​​​- Medieval Yvoire
    - Zaffiro
    - DLR
    - Rossellino
    - Persimmon
    - Pawpaw

    I'd like to hear any other offers too that you have in mind.

    I have rossellino and DLR cuttings already but they are not rooting after 8 months. So Im giving up hope on them.
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    Hi, im new here but also trying to learn and grow. I have a Persimmon tree and can give you some cuttings off of it. Is the cc rooted or cuttings?
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      This is an old tread so not sure if they are still available. But if so I have a few paw paw seedlings I can trade for cravens craving.
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