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  • Cuttings

    Hello everyone....I have accumulated a number of somewhat common fig varieties, but am now looking to expand to some of the exotic ones. I'm looking for cuttings of :

    De la reina
    Martineca Rimada
    Galecia Negra
    Black Madera

    I am willing to trade with others some cuttings of the fig trees I have. I have about 80 varieties.

    I have a US address. Please let me know if anyone can help me out.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Good luck.

    I am not far from you I'm in Nobleton. Just new to figs so nothing to prune since my plants are first year plants.
    Tony, Toronto Canada USDA was 4B now 5B
    Wishlist: Rigato Del Salento PB,
    San Biago.


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      If you want some cuttings, pm me and we'll connect.


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        The cuttings from our 2016 growing season will be clipped and shipped in late winter, probably around February 1st, 2017 .  They will be aro...


        We are no longer taking orders for trees for Fall 2017 delivery. We are behind on tree orders and will not be taking any more until the c...
        Bob C.
        Kansas City, MO Z6


        • COGardener
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          Still Don?

          I am super glad I bailed and got my money back!!!

        • Suhare
          Suhare commented
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          Can the source from figcuttings.com be trusted? cant believe he is selling ponte tresa for 12usd/cutting. too cheap to be true for me

        • don_sanders
          don_sanders commented
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          I think he can be trusted for the variety. There is a good chance that your order may be delayed though. By the time you get your cuttings or tree, that might be the average price of PT. He's going for volume, not high price. And I haven't seen any complaints about varieties not being true in his first cutting sale. I don't think he would be delayed if he wasn't sending out the right varieties. Of course, only time will tell.

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        fig pig have some cuttings looking for trade.looking for lattarula/Italian honey.have Sicilian,violetta de Bordeaux,alma


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          I am new at this,if I make mistakes let me know. fig pig send me a PM.