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  • looking for jujube

    I am interested in trialing jujube here and would like to get started by trading or purchasing some rootstock- suckers, root cutting or seedlings would all be welcome.
    If I am successfully obtaining stock, I'd also like scionwood of Honey Jar and Black Sea for grafting.
    I have plenty of material to share back, from cuttings to started plants and grafted trees from many different species.
    Thanks for you help taking jujus to the northern fringe!
    Jesse in western Maine, zone 4/5
    Wishlist- Figues Juane, Demos unk, Nantes Maroc, Thermalito

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    I can help you out with scion of a few varieties (Sherwood, Sugar Cane, hopefully a few more next year) but no rootstock.

    Are you planning to grow in pots? You are awfully far north for jujubes so I'm guessing you have a plan that I would love to hear about.


    • zone5figger
      zone5figger commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the offer and I may take you up on your generosity if I can locate some suitable rootstock for grafting.
      I might try jujube in containers, but foremost plan to put one or two inground in protected microclimate nooks in my yard.

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    Hey you actually just sent me a nice pack of fig cuttings you offered on the growingfruit forum! I wish I could be more help to repay the favor...