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  • Battaglia Green and Osborn Prolific established plants for trade.

    I have a Battaglia Green that will be 2nd leaf next spring. It's about 2-3 feet tall. I would have to cut it down. Trunk is over a 1/2 inch diameter. I grew this from a cutting. I got two cuttings to root, and do not need this tree. It produced figs it's first season. Most of the figs I want are kinda rare, I do want want a few more common ones. Malta Black, Takoma Violet, Colonel Littman's Black Cross, or Sodus Sicilian. Willing to trade for future air layers.
    I have a 3rd leaf Osborn, It's going to be hard to ship, it's more a shrub! Willing to send for postage which will be steep probably. I can cut it back. the root system is massive I bet and will have to be pruned too. Otherwise I'm pulling these plants. I need room. I could also just cut them into cuttings, kinda big though!

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    If you haven't gotten Malta Black, Takoma Violet or Sodus by next winter, let me know. I don't have any cuttings left for them, but they grow fast.
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      Fantastic! Thanks! If you ever see in any of my posts anything you need, just let me know. I know my wants would probably work well here. And is about all I'm looking for.

      OK, well I think I'm going to cut these up and mail out cuttings. If anybody needs cuttings for postage, let me know. I'm not going to make another thread, I'll try editing this one. Nope cannot, so offer is closed now for whole plants.
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        Andrew is the Osborn prolific cold hardy? Is it "Prolific"? I am interested primarily in 'cold hardy' but the 'prolific' has always interested me.
        FAQ: https://tinyurl.com/ydy46as5
        Zone 7a Wish List: Sodus Sicilian, Nordland, Sal's EL, Gino's and Any Zone 5/6 Fig


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          The Osborne (Spelled many ways!) is hardy. It is a 3rd leaf and overwintered in my attached garage in zone 5b with no problems.

          I did not find it that prolific actually, it produced, but I think VDB and others out produced it. Still it did produce. The longer this fig hangs, the better it is.


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            I blame my spelling errors on my keyboard! What does 3rd leaf mean?

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            Third leaf means it has been through two winters and in its third growing season since rooted.

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            Thank you Scott

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          OK, I'm out of B Green now. I will get back to all that responded to this point.

          Out of Osborn now too, thanks for playing! Wow, that was easy! I was surprised how few cuttings you get from a plant! I thought I would have more.
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