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  • Malta Black (DONE)

    DONE. If your looking for a malta black, I have a very well rooted cutting i started mid July for trade. If you have something just as good and i dont have it pm me. We'll work out the details.

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    I have a question about Malta black. Mine has been a slow grower. I don't want to plant it in ground for a few years; is there any way to make it grow more rapidly next year? Sorry for hijacking the post.


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      Mine was growing fast in the heat but since it got cooler out it stopped. But i was fertilizing it once a week. I gave it a high P fertilizer at first to promote strong root growth first. It tripled in size from that picture above when it stopped. What is your current set up with your tree?

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    Bulldog, repot it. You may have a poor in pot situation on this particular fig. Maybe root prune it a bit, atleast make sure your roots aren't strangling it. Fertilize it. Make sure that you don't burn the roots with too much N. Give it a small dose of Epsom salts. Lime it. Put it in good sun. Make sure that it is not in a black pot or you will cook the roots. Shade the pot that it is in. I am sure that there is more. HTH
    Eatonton, GA zone 7b/8a


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      If you gave it enough sun, then go through the nutrient regimen on the sticky. https://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-h...-feed-schedule

      Malta Black should be a decent grower.


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        I think re-potting would probably help. Perhaps it just needs more space to spread out. I can continue to fertilize it lightly.
        thanks everyone for all of the helpful information.