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  • Wanted: TN Mountain Fig

    I figure this should grow really well in ground here according to the legend that it is from my area.

    I know TyTy sells one, but it is said to be a different fig or possibly just a Celeste.

    I believe the figs and leaves should look like the attached ones that were posted by a member here

    I would be interested in cuttings or a tree. I have a couple of things I could trade, but still have a very small collection of primarily younger plants.

    Nashville, TN Area - Zone 7A
    Wish list: RdB, Craven's Craving, Col Littman's Black Cross, UCR 187-25, Sodus Sicilian, and any great local/unknown figs

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    I dont think the TN Mountain fig is real. I looked around for a few min and heard something similair about the one tyty sells, and quit looking after that.
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