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  • Lignum vitae tree (Guaiacum Sanctum) available to trade for rooted fig

    I have 2 Lignum Vitae trees 18-20" tall and one ~5" tall that I would be willing to use as trades ( 1 for 1 ) for an air layer or well rooted cutting of the following figs:

    Figo Preto, Bourjasotte Grise, UCR 187-25, Col de Dame Blanc, Col. Littman's Black Cross, Black Beauty -10, or Bass' Favorite Fig

    Lignum Vitae is a slow growing tropical evergreen tree with pretty blue flowers which develop into ornamental orange seed pods. It is difficult to grow from seed, and hard to find in any appreciable size . I originally became interested in the trees as a woodworker because they are known for producing one of the densest woods on earth. The tree is endangered and on the CITES list, which means the wood (and presumably a live tree) can not be exported across international borders, so this is for US only. It is native to Central America, the Caribbean, and Southern Florida, and as a tropical it is probably suitable for outside planting only in zones 10 and above. They are salt and drought tolerant once established. The smaller one would be perfect for use as a Bonsai, and thus could possible be grown in colder regions and wintered indoors under lights.

    If anyone is interested, I could post pictures of the available trees (they are all currently in 1 gal pots).
    Richard - San Diego 10a