I have some fruit trees to trade for some figs on my wish list. These are in large pots so I am doing local trade only as shipping would be very expensive.

Waimanalo Papaya – 1 gallon pot. This is a newer hybrid type from Hawaii that was bred for premium flavor and sweetness. Also for folks that find the flavor and smell of typical store bought Papayas less than desirable. Average weight is 16 to 39 ounces. Flesh is thick, firm and orange-yellow in color. Dwarf variety where average height to the first fruit is 32 inches from the ground. Grow in pot or in the ground. I have grown the store variety Red Lady Papaya, but wanted something with superior taste. I have started several of these and have some extras. The picture shows one of mine in the pot. The other are stock pictures of what the mature plant and fruit look like. Here is a link to more information on this type of Papaya:

Banana - This is a shorter form of a tall Cavendish – likely a 'Williams' or 'Enano Gigante'. These grow up to 9 or 10 feet for me. They produce bunches of 5 to 8 hands of bananas. Excellent sweet and creamy taste. What we don’t eat we gift or freeze for smoothies or Banana-pops. The Bananas are fatter than your grocery store Cavendish Banana and a little shorter. The pictures are from my Banana grove. I will dig up and pot a fresh Banana tree pup when ready to trade.

...Or a Jar of Mr Coconuts Homemade Coconut Butter!!!! (from my Coconut Tree)

Fig wish list – I am looking for at least rooted cuttings of the following figs:
White Triana
Col de Dame Blanc
LSU Scott’s Black
Socorro Black
Malta Black
-------- PM Me if Interested / Thanks /Steve