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  • Looking for Potted Caprifig Plant with Wasps in Fruits

    Please pm me if interested in trading for a potted Caprifig with wasps in fruits.

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    Hi Luke, the wasps will emerge from the profichi crop usually in June. I would ask around that time.


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      Thanks I want the male trees as cuttings all over my land and a potted male to overwinter the wasps so their eggs will hatch when I take them out of the house in Spring.I think I can start the generation breeding in the outdoor male trees if I overwinter a potted fruiting male indoors.I live in 7 b.usa winter hardiness zone.I would also like to get cuttings.I look on Ebay every day.


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        Interesting plan Luke. I'm not sure that the wasp will overwinter successfully in your climate. You may also want to consider what some of the other ramifications could be if you are successful. Caprifigs and wasps = viable seeds, which can lead to fig trees becoming an invasive species, like they are here in the parts of CA that have the wasp. Not that fig-natics are complaining, but others are.

        Another approach would be to just get profichi seasonally from folks (like Brian suggested), or some persistent caprifigs (those that will produce caprifigs w/out needing the wasp) and just hand pollinate. I may have some cuttings from persistent caprifigs this winter, or next.


        SoCal, zone 10a


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          Can fig trees and fig wasps survive in zone 7b without someone winterizing them? If not, then winter is the kill switch. If it is easily spreading, we should have seen a lot more wild figs across the country by now.

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        The timing of emergence overwintering wasps in a potted plant would have to mesh with when the outdoor caprifigs' (if they survive) figlets are receptive to the wasp. Interesting concept, not sure if it will work. IF you can pull this off it would be an interesting experiment to report on.
        SW PA zone 6a


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          Have anyone outside of CA ever try to keep a caprifig indoor over winter? Just next to a sunny window? Caprifig should be tougher as they often grow in the wild without care.

          Luke, why do you need the fig wasps? You can use the caprifig to pollinate without the wasps.
          Moved from 10b to 7a


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            Grasshopper thanks to Catholic missionaries California has male figs and blastophaga psenes.Your figs are heavier,more nutritious,and natural.Plus you have fertile seeds.Nature deserves the full effect.I can not make you understand the depravity we feel without them because you have the pollinater.


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              Luke, don't get me wrong. If you search for caprifigs, I had one or two topics just couple weeks ago discussing how to pollinate the figs outside of CA without fig wasps. It is easier to keep the caprifigs than fig wasps, if your goal is to pollinate your figs. There were more elaborated discussion on what were involved to winterize the fig wasps in other discussion in summer.

              I suggested people outside of CA, get the caprifigs instead of the wasps and manually pollinate them to reduce the additional uncertainty of handling wasps. It is a bit of work but we are not growing thousands of figs like a commercial farm.

              By all accounts, the caprified figs are usually better. Are you planning on pollinating all the figs including the common?

              FWIW, missionaries were not the ones bringing fig wasps to California. You probably heard of the "Mission" fig. It is a Common fig, doesn't need wasps.
              The wasps were brought by the fig growers and researchers in the 1890s after Smyrna figs, imported from Turkey, failed repeatedly. They imported the Caprifig & fig wasps in a few attempts to establish a colony for the Smyrna figs.

              Interestingly, I brought up this subject about whether fig wasps are everywhere in CA just today with another member. I don't see any caprifig trees or wasps in my neighborhood. I probably have to walk a few more blocks to be certain. I wouldn't assume everyone in CA have access to the pollinator. What do you do if you don't have the fig wasps? I go get myself a caprifig and do the pollination manually
              Moved from 10b to 7a


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                I just had a discussion with Dr.Victor Fursov Ukrainian entomologist.He has blastophaga psenes in male caprifigs even throughout southern Ukrainian orchards.The only thing I need do is establish enough males for their survival and overwinter at least one fruited tree protected indoors for insurance. Yay!☺


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                  Grasshopper Thanks for setting me straight many attenpts were made to get pollination wasps to California and not as I was told in school.It was not missionaries!Thanks.Maybe however I can get good fertile male seedlings from sundried California mission figs.Then some male fruits the following year with wasps?