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  • Trade air layer of Craven's Craving for Genovese Nero AF air layer next summer (DONE)

    Offer Done! Sorry.

    My tree has recovered enough to do a couple air layers next summer, only one available. My plant comes from a cutting from Padsfan who discovered the tree. I was reading Harvey's description of Black Madeira on figaholics and he mentions it is slow growing. My CC after three air layers was a nub, I was a little worried but it grew two branches 3 feet long, and 1 one foot from late July till now. . Reports are it is bigger than BM. I really don't think this is BM but a closely related fig with a very similar taste. Discovered in The Pt Loma area of San Diego. Brought here from the Azores, and this gentlemen is still around. It is what it is, I didn't see any signs of FMV when rooting, but this summer it got way dry and some leaf discoloration appeared, not sure it is FMV? It could be? The plant fruits and grows like crazy. The first year cutting had 12 figs. This year all were removed as the whole plant was air layered down to a nub.
    So even though this is way in advance, i would like to secure a GN AF as I can't afford to buy one. If you can help PM me.
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