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    started a topic Hardy citrus plant available (DONE)

    Hardy citrus plant available (DONE)

    I grow a hardy in NC z8a tree 20 ft tall bears 3 inch dia lemon like fruit annually ripe here early NOV just before frost.Has survived winter temps 6,8,12 degrees ,routinely 20 every year.was seedling rootstock for failed mandarin graft,may be a trifoliate hybrid,but fruit not bitter, just 4plus sour I for use for lemonade and seasoning grilled fish.I have seedlings of this to plant a privacy screen and one is left over for first to request it,isin treepot now one ft tall , I can bareroot it and mail to any state allowing citrus to enter for postage only.some day I may be looking for figs and may ask here but not right now.May have white pak mulberry to give away next spring also.

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