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  • New cold-hardy unknown cuttings for trade

    Hey folks,

    I recently got my pruners on an unknown fig tree growing in-ground, unprotected in Black Mountain (NC), and I got a few more cuttings than I need, so I'm putting a few out there to trade for other varieties. I'm interested in almost anything except Chicago Hardy, Celeste and Brown Turkey, but I'm especially interested in some of the other cold-hardy workhorses like RdB and Florea; also almost any pomegranate variety. With any trades, I'm willing to give a good ratio of cuttings of this unknown (e.g. 2 or 3:1, or more.)

    Here's what I know about it:

    1.) It's been growing in the ground in Black Mtn (7a) for 3 years with no damage/dieback and no protection (since the current owners bought the house). The previous owner had the fig in-ground there for ~10 years and he didn't recall it ever dying back (but getting heavy pruning from his dog)

    2.) The house/fig's old owner said that the tree was from a cutting from an older family tree of his that had been in the family over 70 years. He's fairly sure the tree came from Italy, but knows for sure that since then, the tree came with them from Maryland.

    3.) When I originally saw the tree in the summer (unfortunately, I didn't take a picture then), it had two general leaf types, a broader leaf and a thin-lobed leaf similar to VdB or something like that.

    4.) It has purple figs.

    So, there you have it... Unfortunately, the big unknown is how the figs actually stack up to any other, but if you've got some cuttings to trade, it sounds like this one's worth a shot for the apparent cold hardiness alone. Please PM if you're interested...

    And, of course, no international trades, please.

    I've attached a picture of the recently-pruned mama tree.
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    hi do you still have cuttings I have desert king 20 year old tree let me know thanks Dave


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      JoshHolbrook Side by side of the differing leaf types. Most are the fat leaf. Plants pictured are in their third repotting. Started around the beginning of February.
      figs, peaches, apples, nectarines, pomegranates, cherry, pistachio, and pear tree grower 😄


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        Nice! I’ve got some going crazy as well.


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          Will you have more cuttings available this year?

          I am intrigued.


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            Shoot me a PM, I’ve still got some in the fridge.


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              Any photos of the fig, Josh?
              Ross - Zone 7A - Philadelphia
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                I got some from Josh there some of the fastest growing figs I have


                • JoshHolbrook
                  JoshHolbrook commented
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                  God to hear they’re doing well!

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                Hi Ross,

                Sorry, but I haven’t had the fruits yet, but so far they are quick growers (my second quickest this year) and the owner said they were purple with red interior.