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  • Smith Fig

    Attempting to root two Smith cuttings which are not going as well as planned. Is there anyone out there that has some extra healthy cuttings?? Would love to add this to my collection knowing it is fairly common now and a lot of members are growing this.
    'Yes I have looked on eBay but find much more enjoyment by dealing with forum members'
    Much Thanks All!
    Robert - HZ7A

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    I have the same problem. Mine got molds and i kept cutting the mold off, just not going to work for me.☹️


    • Nic40
      Nic40 commented
      Editing a comment
      Next time you get mold do a peroxide solution 20% peroxide to 80% water. You can spray your plant with it and even soil. When it's done bubbling it just turns to water