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  • Container size

    If you had to choose between 5 gallon buckets or 7 gallon nursery pots, when uppotting...which size?

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    Go to the largest you can fit in your yard. If it’s a well rooted one gallon you can go straight into a 15g. CJ in Michigan does this with great results


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      I would go to 7 gallon pot instead of bucket because bucket will not last for long time may be two years due to sun.
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        If you do not need many, I would try SIPs. Even a few, to compare with the regular nursery pots. You may like them.
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          What are SIP’s?

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          Self irrigated planter / self watering planter

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        I like to go from a 1 gallon to a 7 gallon


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          Now I'm stuck deciding between going ahead and putting them in 7 gallon or 10 gallon pots. I think either one will be my max size because I have around 100 to uppot and winter storage space will be minimal.


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            This is a good question. I agree with what was wrote above, other than space required and potting material needed, going from 1 gal directly to a 15 gal would certainly work. I have been using 3x3x7 tree pots for starting cuttings. I have been using 5 gal deeps when up potting. The size of the tree pots require the 5 gal deeps in order for them to comfortably fit as a minimum. I will keep them in the 5 deeps for probably 3 years unless some have a tremendous growth rate. When ready, I lean towards a 10 gal all though if the fig variety is going to become one of my special keepers, then I go to the 15. Right now that is my max.

            Just for kicks and curiosity, I started several fig tees from seeds in 3x3x4 seed pots. To my amazement, the success rate was outstanding. So once they reached about 4". I transferred them to 1 gal pots. I will keep them in those pots until the warm weather returns next year. Up potting to 5 gal pots will be the plan. I have no plan from that point as I want to find out the value or worth of what they will provide. If they do not pan out as viable producers, as many have stated they won't, I will use them as root stock and stock to practice various grafting techniques and to clone quality figs from other sources.

            Generally 5 gal pots are as large as I will go unless I plan to keep them for myself. Those that I know I will keep will go into 10 gal Gro Pro type pots and those that I plan to have as my center pieces will be in 15 gal Gro Pros. I've considered the fabric bags but I just like the Gro Pro type pots. Personal choice.
            Ron Bressler
            Lebanon, Pa
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