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  • Looking for UCR 187-25 Air Layer, have 1gal Ponte Tresa, Red Leb. BV, others to trade

    As the title says, I'm looking primarily for UCR 187-25 at the moment, but would also be very interested in any other fig that is on my wanted list in my signature.

    For trade, I have 1 gal air layers and/or rooted cuttings of Ponte Tresa, Red Lebanese Bekaa Valley, Yellow Long Neck, VdB. I also have air layers of Smith and I258 which I cut off of sections with stem but no leaves, could send one of those after they have budded out and have green growth.

    If you are local to the San Diego area, I also have the following trees/air layers in larger (2 - 5 gal) pots that I wouldn't want to ship: Souadi, CdD Gris, Strawberry Verte, Unk Pastilliere, Raspberry Latte
    Richard - San Diego 10a