I’m new to figs. My daughter and I both are. I’ve been bitten and there is NO CURE! 🤗 I’m in the USA

I’m not new to growing, cloning or propragation but new to the wonderful world of figs.

I know I’m a little early but I’m looking for the following if anyone can help out a new fig lover? Thanks!

I prefer cuttings as they are more in my “trading” budget...

Any Rimada or Oro
Jolly Tiger

Im stretching here but does anyone have any BM KK non KK cuttings?

I have only common types I have 14 huge Alma trees and access with my neighbor to 2 large Chicago Hardy or we can “trade” something else. Please PM me.

Alma Trees are the first 3 I don’t have pictures of the CH but I will get them if needed
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