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  • zone5figger
    Great plant to have for all sorts of uses. It makes great plant tea, animal fodder, mulch, compost ingredient, and healing herbal remedies....

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  • fig Lebowski
    commented on 's reply
    I have heard that but never tired. I have a ton of them planted out in my yard and have a few in large pots, the ones in the yard I use for mulching my trees. The ones in pots I use to make comfrey tea and sell root cuttings on eBay it’s easy enough. To roll the pots, so I prune the roots, and seperate the crowns for 1 year old plants. Root cuttings are worth a few bucks each but a year year old plant is $50.00 all day long.

  • bopcrane
    Hey. on that note, I have Bocking 4 too and just found out they take quite readily from flower stalks, if you have any flowering plants just cut the flower stalk off towards the bottom and stick it in some dirt. I was amazed,.really, but shouldn't be considering how little material it takes for it to form a whole new plant

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  • Anyone looking for Comfrey? If so I’m down to trade.

    I can do root cuttings or I even have a few one year old plants.
    Looking for something that I don’t alredy have, not sure yet but I’m positive I will know it when I see it.
    Thanks ya’ll!